Social media is a powerful platform that generates tons of information throughout the world every day. That is why such networks as Facebook and Twitter are commonly used for marketing purposes by a lot of stores. It allows them to attract more attention to their content and correspondingly drive more traffic to their websites with the help of Open Graph tags.

However, sometimes it happens that Facebook OG tags aren't working as they are supposed to. Instead of a great featured image and newly written title and description, you see the outdated information or don't see anything at all.

If you're wondering what could possibly cause Facebook to pull out the wrong OG data instead of the up-to-date one the answer is pretty simple. Facebook Open Graph Cache.

So, in order to make sure Facebook shows the proper Open Graph Information you just need to clear the Facebook cache.

Follow these steps to clear Facebook Open Graph Cache:

1. Navigate to the Facebook Sharing Debugger, paste the URL to the page that isn't displayed properly on Facebook and press Debug.

Facebook for Developers

2. Press the Scrape Again button.

  Facebook Sharing Debugger

Once you do this you will see the information on your Facebook post pulled out together with the report on error that might need fixing.

However, Facebook open graph cache is not the only way to check why sharing link doesn't show images on Facebook. Explore other ways to verify whether you're using OG tags correctly.