In order to configure Magento 2 Mautic Integration extension navigate to Store > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Mautic Integration.

Magento 2 dashboard

There are 3 sections you have to configure.


1. Enable Extension.

2. Enter Product Key which you can find in your Magefan Account.

3. Set the Mautic URL.

4. Choose the Authentication Method.

5. Enter Mautic Login and Password.

Note: that the Mautic API and HTTP basic auth have to be enabled. Besides, we recommend you to Save Config before the next step. Otherwise, you won't be able to proceed with the configuration.

6. Press the Export All Contacts button. In case you have quite a lot of contacts the export takes some time, so you better run the console command :

bin/magento mfmi:export:all

Magento 2 mautic integration general
Mautic Contact Monitoring

In this section, you have to choose whether to Enable JavaScript (JS) Tracking. If you choose Yes there will be enable Mautic tracking pixel on the storefront. It will gather data about website visitors and stock it in Mautic so that you can use it for user segmentation later on.  

Mautic contact monitoring

Fields Mapping

Here set which Mautic Contact Fields will correspond to the Magento Customer Fields meaning which customer information will be placed in the corresponding fields in Mautic contacts while synchronization.

Magento 2 mautic integration fields mapping

Newsletter Subscription Confirmation Email

In Magento, you can ask your customers to confirm the newsletter subscription via email if you enable the Need to Confirm option. In this case, customers receive the email where they need to confirm the subscription.

Magento Subscription Confirmation Options

With the Mautic Integration extension, you can disable the Magento subscription confirmation email and emails won't be sent via Magento. Instead, a subscription confirmation email will be sent via Mautic. It is more convenient since you get more information about your subscribers and create personalized email campaigns based on that.

Magento Newsletter Subscription Confirmation

Note: you have to configure the Mautic campaign to send an email, change the contact subscription status field, and also Mautic Webhooks, so subscriber's status changes in both Mautic and Magento.

Once you set all the information don't forget to press the Save button once more.


In case the integration is not complete and the field mapping doesn't work, please try to delete the var/cache folder in the Mautic file system.