Managing orders in Magento 2 can be really time-consuming since it takes quite some time to filter, find and process them. That is why to provide a better customer experience, you need to optimize order management. And that is exactly what Magento 2 Better Order Grid extension can help you with. 

It allows you to customize Magento 2 order grid as per your needs to find orders you're interested in easier and filter them faster. So, let's find out how to configure Magento 2 Better Order Grid.

Take the following steps to configure the Custom Order Grid extension:

1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Better Order Grid and Enable Extension.

2. Choose to Hide Orders With Statuses and display only orders with certain statuses in the grid.

3. Select the Product Column Template. You can choose to display Image on Hover or Grid.

Note: when you choose the grid product column template, you need to choose Product Column Display Info: Thumbnail, Name, SKU, Price, Qty Ordered, etc. and decide whether to show Product Column Display Labels.

You will be able to preview the examples of how it looks like later in this article.

4. Enable Order Delete if you want to be able to delete orders directly from the grid or from the order editing page. 

5. Enable Order Status Change to be able to change the status of the order from the order grid.

6. Enable Order Status Color to easily scan the order grid and see the status of orders on your store.

Note: you can change the color status to any color you like.

Better Order Grid Configuration

Once you finish, don't forget to press the Save Config button and go to Sales > Orders to check the grid.

If you select the Product Column Template — Image on Hover, then your order grid will look like:

Magento 2 Custom Order Grid

However, when you select Product Column Template — Grid with certain information, it will look like the following:

Better Order Grid in Magento 2

Check out the demo of the extension to learn what else you can do to customize the order grid in your Magento 2 store.