Have you ever considered converting your business to E-Commerce? How much do you know about it to make a choice towards this or that eCommerce platform? 

It is true that with E-Commerce fast development and a variety of platforms it is hard to choose the best system. However, Magento is the best option if your want to improve product page SEO, scale your business and streamline your website speed optimization.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to start using Magento as one of the greatest E-commerce platforms which has all you need to build a successful store.

Top 10 Reasons to Choose Magento

  1. Open Source
  2. Security
  3. Constant Support
  4. Magento Community
  5. Flexibility
  6. Multi-Store Feature
  7. Scalability
  8. SEO-Friendly
  9. Software Integration
  10. User-Friendly

Let’s see what each of them gives you and why is it important for the E-Commerce platform to have these features.

Open Source

Magento 2 open source

The first and the main reason Magento has found so many admirers around the globe is it being an open-source.

What does it give?

The open-source code means it can be customized and undergo any changes to meet clients’ tastes. Besides, Magento Community  Edition (CE) is totally FREE, so any starting company might find it a great benefit too.


Magento 2 security

Unfortunately, even the digital world is not insured from the frauds and data theft. People want to be 100% sure none of their personal data or any other information would be lost or used in any kind. That is why it is important to pay attention to security.

As to the leading E-commerce platform, there is the security experts team in Magento that constantly updates and looks for new ways to improve security.

Constant Support

Magento 2 support

Due to the growing popularity of Magento platform, there are a lot of Magento extensions provider companies, except for the Magento developers themselves. They work hard to provide you with the newest module releases and updates.

Magento is like an organism that constantly changes in order to develop. Correspondingly there is plenty of companies to opt for that will always provide you with the best support.


Magento 2 community

Magento have gathered a huge amount of developers, product&project managers, programmers, bloggers, CEO specialists, and even marketers all working as one mechanism to help merchant achieve better results.

Whenever you have any kind of question be sure you will be given a piece of advice on how to fix, optimize or make any qualitative changes. 

Here are forums you can get an answer to anything about Magento: StackExchange, GitHub, Magento Forums.


Magento 2 flexibility  

As it was stated at the very beginning Magento is open-source which practically enables merchants to feel free in making any changes they want. Magento allows to bring all the ideas to life and meet all the requirements customizing backend or frontend.

Be sure that Magento's flexibility allows you to completely change your website if there is such a necessity.

Multi-store Feature

Magento 2 Multi store feature

Magento allows you to move your business to the global scope managing separate store views for different countries each of which with its own product catalog from one admin panel. 

It is extremely useful since it saves you a lot of time and effort.


Magento 2 Scalability

Except for being easy to use and exceptionally customizable, Magento offers its users a choice and an opportunity to develop. For the companies who have just started their way in the E-Commerce business and choose Magento, it offers a free edition.

Once they grow, develop and stand firmly on their feet they can choose the Enterprise Edition with some additional features to optimize the work of their store even more.

SEO- Friendly

Magento 2 SEO

A lot of E-commerce specialists believe that SEO is the key to high Google positions. We couldn’t but agree with that since your Google position immensely influences customers finding your website.

Magento is totally SEO-friendly platform using best practices: OG Tags, Meta information, Advanced Permalinks, XML sitemaps, etc. 

Software Integrating

Magento 2 Software Integration

It is well known that despite the fact Magento is equipped with a huge amount of features, you can not manage your business depending exclusively on it. To work productively your store may need a lot of extension and modules. 

Magento easily integrates with them as well as with the third-party softwares and programs such as Google Analytics&Shopping, eBay, Mautic, Paypal and other payment systems. Here are the places you can find the best plugins for your store together with the best Magento 2 Extension providers offering different customization services: Magento Marketplace and Github.


Magento 2 User Friendly

We are living in the mobile world, where there are constantly released newer, smarter phones. Correspondingly, people are using them more often to find information. So, one of the main reasons of users’ interest in your website, closely connected with your Google position, is the design.

No matter how high your website is ranked, if people coming to it don’t see the desired picture they leave. 

Magento is 100% user-friendly, which means your store is responsive on any kinds of devices: be it tablets, mobiles or laptops.

There definitely are some people who say that there is nothing special about Magento and that there are E-commerce platforms with the same features. Don’t believe them. Magento is one of its kind and there is no way you can tell the difference with any other platform before using it.

However, there are the others who find a thousand and one reasons to encourage you to use Magento because of the reasons discussed above.