Solution for Magento 2 Community Edition (CE / Open Source)

If while saving Magefan extension on Magento Community edition you get the error "Product Key is empty or invalid. The extension has been automatically disabled." and you don't see any Product Key field, as on the screenshot:

Product Key is empty or invalid. The extension has been automatically disabled.

Please make sure that you have the latest version of Magefan Community extension. You can always get the latest version from Magefan GitHub page.

Attention! Magefan Community is not a Magefan Blog or e.g. Magefan Login as Customer, it is a separate module that used together with Magefan extensions.

To check the version of the Magefan Community extension you can take a look inside one of these files:


If you have an old version, then you need to update the extension. 

If you have the latest version and the issue is still there, please contact us.


Solution for Magento 2 Enterprise Edition (EE / Commerce)

If you use Magento EE, then you need to login into your Magefan account to get the product key. If you don't have any product keys, then you need to purchase Magefan extension for EE.

Magefan extensions are paid for Magento EE, but until some versions, we didn't require a product key. In the latest versions, we added the product key field. If you used a free community version you need to purchase Magefan extension for EE to be able to use the recent version.