Magento Cross Sell Products: How-to Guide

Have you ever been to a phone shop to get a new phone and ended up getting a new case as well? Or got a glass of wine to go with the pasta after a waiter recommended it on a recent night out? Congrats, you've been cross-sold without even realising it.

That's why cross-selling is so effective and why you should definitely consider incorporating it into your e-commerce strategy. Today we'll talk about the Magento cross-sell technique and how it can benefit you. So you don't need to wonder what is cross-sell and up-sell in Magento any more.

You'll also discover how you can add Magento cross-sell products automatically.


What is Magento 2 Cross Sell?

Magento 2 cross-sell is a marketing technique of displaying products complementary to the item customers are already willing to buy. Cross-sells help you increase the average order value and pull in more profit, without increasing costs.

Unlike Magento related products, cross-sells items drive more impulsive purchases since they are displayed in the shopping cart. Therefore, there are multiple examples of cross-selling strategies:

  • you offer a customer buying a laptop to purchase a gadget insurance
  • you offer a customer buying a new phone to get a new case
  • you offer a customer buying a fitness course to get some sports gear
  • you offer a customer buying a skincare suite a washbag carry on, etc.

Opportunities are limitless. However, if you want cross-selling to drive results, you should create cross-sells that deliver genuine value.

How to Sell Cross-Sell Products?

Should you offer multiple cross-sell products so customers have more to choose from or go with just a few options? Is it better to display cross-sells for all products or some specific ones? Where are customers the most likely to click on the cross-sells?

These and many other questions might be holding you back from starting to use the Magento cross-sell technique. So, let's sum up some of the best practices to help you create a perfect cross-sell. 

Offer complementary items, not a replacement

Since customers are already willing to buy, it doesn't require a lot of persuasion to make them spend more. However, the item you want to cross-sell shouldn't distract people from the product they already intend to buy. Instead, it should complement customers' purchases.

And make sure it's cheaper. It lowers the risk of accepting the offer for them.

Don't overload your cross-selling efforts

Imagine if you were buying a laptop and they asked if you wanted insurance, a new laptop bag, a cooling pad, a stand for desk, and a power bank. It will just make you confused, is all.

The more options you offer the harder it is for customers to choose. Besides, you don't want to be too pushy or salesy. So keep things simple and add only complementary cross-sells.

Choose the right place to offer cross-sells

This one often comes down to testing. You need to identify the most profitable cross-sell opportunities to minimize your revenue. Add Magento cross-sells on product pages and shopping carts, then leverage your backed analysis to see how they perform. 

How to Add Cross-Sell Products in Magento 2?

Magento, as one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms, couldn't miss this cross-selling technique. Hence, it allows you to add cross-sell products from the admin panel. However, it will adds them to the shopping cart.

To add cross-sells in Magento 2:

1. Go to Catalog > Products and choose a product you'd like to add cross-sells for.

2. Scroll down to the Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells section and start to Add Cross-sell Products.

magento cross sell products

3. You can sort through the products using filters and Add Selected Products.

add cross sell products magento 2

Don't forget to Save the product you've added the cross-sells for. Then add it to the shopping cart to check the cross-sells.

magento 2 cross sell products

In our case, someone buying a yoga beginner's guide could choose some fitness equipment too, right before they are about to make a purchase.

However, there is a downside. You need to go to each product to assign cross-sells for it, which is extremely time-consuming. So, you need to come up with a way to do it in bulk.

Automate Magento Cross Sells

While Magento offers a great option to manage cross-sells, it is rather limited, especially if you have hundreds of products. Thus, the only solution is to automate the process and resort to a reliable tool.

magento bundle packs

If you want to add cross-sells to multiple product pages at once, Magento 2 Auto Related Products Extension will come in handy. It helps you to create a personalized offer and takes the pressure off your managers who no longer have to add cross-sells manually. 

Check out the default guide about the "Who Bought This Also Bought" blocks to "hook" your customers into buying more in a few clicks.