One of the Magento 2 features is Customer Group Price (Tired Price). It allows you to set different prices of products in accordance with their quantity as well depending on customer group. E.g. define lower prices for wholesale customers who purchase 10 and more quantities of the same product.

Magento 2 Customer Group Price

In order to set Customer Group Price, you have to configure them on every product separately. To do this you need to:

1. Login into Magento 2 admin panel

2. Navigate to Catalog > Products

3. Select a product you want to define prices for

4. Under the "price" input click on Advanced Pricing link

5. Manually specify a price for each group and qty

It is not very convenient, especially in case you need to change prices on a huge amount of products. This manual process can take hours.

So, How to automate Magento 2 Customer Group Price?

How to manage Magento 2 Tier Price Rules?

This article is a success story we performed for our client that helps to automate applying Customer Group prices. We've created the Tired Price Rules which can be found in Admin panel > Marketing > Tier Price Rules.

Magento 2 Tier Price Rules, Menu

On "Tier Price Rules" page there is a grid with rules similar you can see in Catalog Price Rules or in Shopping Cart Price Rules. Admin user can manage rules, add a new one, enable/disable them or remove.

Magento 2 Tier Price Rules, Price Rules Grid

On rule edit page admin using form can:

1. Enable or Disable the rule that has been chosen.

2. Enter the Rule Title.

3. Set the Priority of the rule.

Magento 2 Tier Price Rules, Rule Edit, Rule Information

4. Set Group Discount in percent which will be generated from the product customer group price taking into account special price if there is one.

Magento 2 Tier Price Rules, Rule Edit, Customer Groups Discount

5. The last thing a manager has to do is to set conditions defining which products the rule will be enabled to.

Magento 2 Tier Price Rules, Rule Edit, Conditions

These rules allow automizing your store managing process, save time your time and allow to focus on other important tasks.