3 Ways to Reset Magento 2 Admin Password

We all know that 2F Authentication is one of the best ways to improve Magento 2 admin security. It is a truly great feature that store owners can rely on. At the same time, a strong password is of crucial importance, because you obviously don't want your store data to be leaked.

But there is a thing with long and complex passwords, you can easily forget them or even end up with a locked admin account. In this case, you must learn how to reset admin password in Magento. 

In this article, we'll consider 3 ways to reset Magento 2 admin password. 

1. Reset Admin Password in Magento 2 via Email

One of the easiest ways to reset a password is to use Admin Panel for that. You just have to take the following steps click the Forgot Your Password link.

How to Reset Password in Magento 2?

Then fill in the Email address and press the Retrieve Password button.

Reset Password Via Email

The system will send you a letter with the password reset link that helps you create a new password.

2. Reset Admin Password in Magento 2 via Command Line

To reset admin panel password via CLI go to Magento 2 root directory and execute the following command:

php bin/magento admin:user:create --admin-user="USER_USERNAME" --admin-password="USER_PASSWORD" --admin-email="USER_EMAIL" --admin-firstname="USER_FIRSTNAME" --admin-lastname="USER_LASTNAME"

Resey Password in Magento via CLI

Actually, Magento doesn't support changing passwords using the command line. Nevertheless, you can create a new admin account and use it to reset the password of the old one. 

3. Reset Magento 2 Admin Password using Account Settings

If you remember your current password but want to change it for the sake of security or you just want to finish resetting your password via CLI, then you can do it in Account Settings.

1. Go to Account Settings (click on the user icon in the top right corner).

2. Complete the New Password field and write it in the Password Confirmation field once again.

3. In the Your Password field, enter your old password for identity confirmation. 

Don't forget to Save the new password. 

Reset Admin Password Using Account Settings

As you can see, resetting the admin password in Magento 2 is not that hard. Feel free to choose any of these 3 methods to ensure no admin panel data undergoes any violations. 

But don't forget about other Magento security tips like a unique admin route and disabled account sharing. They are vital to your store security as well.