How to Configure New Customer Account Options in Magento?

It is crucial to use the correct technics to keep your clients engaged and drive more of them to your store. Since it all comes down to customer experience, you have to optimize all the processes during the customer's journey on your website, including customer account options.

Fortunately, Magento 2 gives you multiple features for the configuration of new customer accounts. And in this article, we'll provide more details about them. 

To configure new customer account options in Magento 2 take the following steps:

1. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Customers > Customer Configuration > Create New Account Options.

2. Choose whether to Enable Automatic Assignment to Customer Group

3. If you chose Yes in the previous field, set the Default Group to which your customers will be assigned automatically.  

Note: if you enable guest checkout no customer will be created. So, no customer group will be assigned to them unless you convert guest orders to customers.

4. Set the Default Value for Disable Automatic Group Changes Based on VAT ID either to Yes or No.

5. Specify whether to Show VAT Number on Storefront

Configure New Customer Account Options Magento

6. Set the Email is required field for Admin order creation.

7. Enter the Default Email Domain

8. Select a template for the Default Welcome Email

9. Choose one of the options for the Default Welcome Email Without Password, which is supposed to be sent to customers, whose accounts were created without passwords.

Magento 2 New Customer Account Options

10. Specify the Email Sender, who will appear in the Welcome Emails.

11. Choose whether to Require Emails Confirmation.

12. Choose the template for the Confirmation Link Email.

13. Select the Welcome Email template, that will be sent after confirmation. 

14. Choose whether to Generate Human-Friendly Customer ID to define whether the VAT ID number field can be visible from the storefront.

How to Add New Customer Account Options in Magento 2

15. Don't forget to press the Save Config button. 

Once you set up new customer account options, you can continue with the further configuration of Magento 2 customer accounts to ensure better store-customer interaction. You can also add more customer attributes to make sure you gather all the required details. 

However, if you want to get notified about registered customers, set up customer registration notifications in Magento.