How to Increase Google Indexing API Requests (Quota) Per Day?

If you compare the XML sitemap and Google Indexing API, you'll definitely see the perks of the latter. The API helps to bypass the crawling queue by sending the page content directly to Google. So, the pages are indexed faster.

However, there's still a downside — a daily limit of 200 requests which includes both updated and deleted pages.

Thus, larger websites that update and publish loads of content daily might need to increase Google Indexing API requests or quota per day. And that's what you'll learn today. 

Important: the Google Indexing API comes for free. However, additional quota does not. So you may need to create a billing account before you increase your Google indexing quota. Contact Google Cloud support for details since there is no clear explanation about it in the Google Cloud documentation.

How to Increase Google Indexing API Quota?

1. Navigate to the Google API Console and move to the Quotas & System Limits tab. 

2. Tick the quota you'd like to increase (it's Publish requests per day in our case) and hit Edit Quotas. 

edit google indexing api quotas

3. Click on the Apply for higher quota link to increase the quota. 

web search indexing quota editing

4. Fill out the Request Inding API Quota form and click Next

Except for the desired quota you also need to include an explanation of why the default quota is not sufficient for you and provide the example URL. Besides, you need to specify the use case which is limited to Jobpostings and Livestreams

increase indexing quata google

The Google Cloud team will review your request and process it accordingly. If it takes a while you can contact Google Cloud support to get details on your request.

Google Indexing API Limit in Magento 2

If you use the Magento 2 Google Indexing API Extension you also need to increase the indexing API quota. The extension works with whatever quota you've had set up for your project. 

To sum it up, if you use the default quota of 200 requests per day, the extension will work with that limit. However, if you increase the quota, our module will cover more quests per day since they are tied to your project and service account.