Dear Magefan customers,

First of all, we want to say “Thank you!” for such strong support you have shown in your emails. This is very important for us in the darkest times our country has seen since WW2.

Many of you asked how to help.

So we decided to write a few things you might do to help the Ukrainian people in this war, where a peaceful country should defend its citizens from russian invasion.

What can you do to help us stand and keep our lives?

1. Donate to a non-governmental charity fund “Come back alive” that has been supporting our soldiers for 8 years (from the beginning of the Russian invasion in 2014)’

2. Donate to UNITED24, a global initiative to support Ukraine launched by the Ukrainian authorities. 

[When our colleague Elena started writing the previous sentence, there was an air raid siren in Ternopil, it was 23:00. She took her sleeping child and ran to the basement. And during the last 5 days there have been dozens of such alarms and in every city of our country, and sounds of the explosions in many of them killing innocent Ukrainian people, Ukrainian children.]

3. Donate to a non-governmental charity fund “Hospitallers”, they’ve created a medical battalion that works directly on the front line.

4. You can find and support more organizations on the StandwithUkraine and SaveUkriane websites.

5. Share this information with your friends.

What does the Magefan team do?

We keep working, when it is safe and possible, to help civilians and the army. We donate all our company profit to humanitarian needs.

One more thing. Please note that with this message we do not ask you to buy our products because of the compassion you may feel for the situation Ukraine is in. Please choose the software in accordance with the needs and criteria you usually have when buying software from other companies.

We are strong.
Ukraine will live!

Still with you,

The Magefan Team

(Ihor, Yuriy, Andriy, Bohdan, Bohdan, Ihor, Serhiy, Viktor, Denys, Mary, Elena, Victoria)