Did you know it takes about 2.6 seconds for customers to land their eye on the area of a website that influences the first impression? The homepage is one of the most important pages of your website that tells your visitors about your brand and the range of services you provide. A poorly designed and structured homepage leaves a bad impression and discourages people from browsing.

Regarding this, except for the content blocks, you should display Best Seller and New Arrival products on homepage in Magento 2. It will increase customer retention and encourage people to check out your catalog.

So in this guide, you'll find answers to the common questions of how to display new products or products from specific categories on the homepage of your website.

To display products on homepage in Magento 2:

1. Go to Content > Pages and find the Homepage to Edit.

Edit Magento Homepage

2. Find the Widgets tool.

Insert Widget on Homepage Magento

3. Select the Catalog Products List from the provided widgets.

Catalog Products List Widget

4. Fill out Widget Options.

  • Set a Title that will be displayed on the storefront.
  • Enable the Display Page Control option if you plan on displaying a lot of products and specify the Number of Products per Page
  • Set the Number of Products to Display in the widget.
  • Select the TemplateProducts Grid Template which is available in by default.
  • Set the Cache Lifetime in seconds that defines how often should the product widget on the homepage be updated.
  • Specify Conditions to display products on homepage in Magento. To display products from specified categories, set a category condition.

Magento 2 Catalog Product List Widget

However, if you want to display the newest products, select the New attribute condition.

Display New Products on Magento Homepage

And finally, if you'd like to attract customers with the sales offer, use the Sale is Yes condition to show only products that are currently on sale. 

Show Sale Products on Magento Homepage

Once you finish don't forget to Save the page and check the products bock on the storefront.

You can display any products on homepage in Magento depending on the conditions you set. Besides you can display the same products widget on any other page of your store. 

Display Products on Magento Homepage

Still, this widget management is a little limited and doesn't provide you with much control over the product block. You can't set the time period during which products should be displayed or specify how to arrange products within the widget. To have more control over the products clocks consider adding the auto-related products widget for better engagement.