How to Configure Checkout Totals Sort Order Magento?

While proceeding with the checkout, your customers can see the Order Summary section, which includes the total price of the purchase, as well as the components that make it up (e.g. subtotal, tax, discounts, etc.). Each of these items has a certain place in the list and reflects the order of the total sum calculation. 

This is one of the possible views of the checkout totals on the Magento checkout.

Magento Checkout

However, the checkout totals sort order can be configured from the admin panel and in this article, we'll show you how to do that.

To Configure Checkout Totals Sort Order in Magento 2:

1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales > Checkout Totals Sort Order.

2. Set the values in each of the following fields:

  • Subtotal;
  • Discount;
  • Shipping;
  • Tax;
  • Fixed Product Tax;
  • Grand Total.

Checkout Totals Sort Order Configuration

Note: the lower the value, the higher in the list the following item will appear. Thus, Subtotal will be on the top of the order summary list since its value is 10, while Grand Total, having a value of 100, will be placed at the very bottom.

Unless you want to use your own settings, you can enable the Use system value checkboxes and apply the default values. 

Don't forget to press the Save Config button and check the results on the storefront. However, Magento checkout totals sort order is just the drop in the ocean of multiple other features you can use to optimize the checkout process for your customers.

Some of the most common ones include setting default shipping and default payment methods so your customers won't have to choose them manually.