Image optimization in Magento 2 is as important as it is in any other eCommerce store or blog. Since you’ve landed on this page, you must already know that WebP images is a great way to boost website performance and loading time.

The last thing left is to decide which extension to use since there is a lot to choose from. So, in this article, we’ve gathered all the WebP Extensions for Magento 2 that are worth your attention.

We’ll go through their basic characteristics and have a closer look at the features they offer. It will allow you to have a clear view of the module that suits your needs best.

Are you ready?

Since the function of WebP images is the same — to reduce website loading speed and retain image quality — features of these extensions are quite similar. Yet, some modules have additional unique functionality that contributes to your image optimization strategy.

1. WebP Images Extension by Magefan

Magento 2 WebP Images Extension

Surprisingly enough, our Magento 2 WebP Images Extension is at the top of the list. It is not without a reason. It is the best WebP Images extension on the market yet since it has all you might need and even more.

It allows you to convert images from the original GIF, PNG, JPG to WebP via 4 different conversion modes: page load, CLI command, cron, page load and cron combined. The conversion tools (GD, cwebp, Imagick and gifcisle) are applied automatically.

Also, if you don’t want to convert images from certain media and static folders, you can easily skip them. But that’s not all.

WebP Images Extension displays your original images to browsers without WebP support to ensure your website visitors see only quality pictures. While others see converted WebP images.

And when we say our WebP Images extension converts all your website images, we mean it. It converts HTML picture tags and CSS background images. Moreover, images in GraphQL and REST API requests as well as pictures from external websites are converted too.

Could you ask for more?

Price: $149-$378

Rating: 5 stars, 21 reviews

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x- 2.4.x (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)

Guarantees: Free Lifetime Updates, 90 Days Free Support, 30 Days Money Back

2. WebP Images by Yireo

Yireo WebP Images

Another extension for WebP conversion that does pretty much the same is the extension by Yireo.

But, it is only mentioned that the extension converts images to Webp format. It is not clearly specified whether the conversion is automatic on page load, or manually by command.  This leaves you wondering whether it requires you to connect to some third-party tool or install additional software.

The extension is free and, from the look of it, it has only basic options to convert images that are best managed by the technician. It also claims to shows original png and jpg ones when someone comes from a browser that doesn’t support WebP.

However, you can only test it once you install it since there is no demo or user guide, unlike in other extensions. Do take a look at the requirements though, since there are a few.

Price: FREE

Rating: not provided

Compatibility: Magento 2.2.x, 2.4.x (CE, EE)

Guarantees: Free Lifetime Updates

3. WebP Optimized Images Extension by JaJuMa

Jajuma WebP Images

JaJuMa also provides a great extension for WebP Images conversion. It offers automatic conversion supported by 3 different tools: GD, cwebp, Imagick. Besides, it generates WebP images from your original png and jpg on page load.

All converted WebP images are separate files. So, the extension can fall back on the original images for non-WebP browsers.

Correspondingly, there is no need for you to reply on the outside conversion tool since WebP Images by JaJuMa is a completely on-premise solution.

Price: $99-$199

Rating: 5 stars, 3 reviews

Compatibility: Magento 2.0, 2.4 (CE, EE)

Guarantees: not mentioned

4. WebP Images for Magento 2 by FME extensions

WebP Images by fmeextensions

When it comes to image optimization and WebP conversion one of the most basic features is converting images to WebP format and displaying original images to browsers that don’t support WebP. And as other extensions on this list, the WebP Images module by FME extensions does it just well.

Same as the previous extension, this one offers 3 different conversion tools you can choose: GD,cwebp, and Imagick. It also offers automatic and manual conversions with page load and CLI command correspondingly.

Besides, it allows you to skip certain image folders from conversion and add lazyload attribute to the images.

However, it requires you to install the rosell-dk library to work which is an additional step you need to take.

Price: $79-$379

Rating: 4.8 stars, 9 reviews

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x- 2.4.x (CE, EE)

Guarantees: Free Lifetime Updates, Free Support, 45 Days Money Back

5. Magento 2 WebP Image Support by MageComp

Magecomp WebP Image Support

MageComp provides the Webp Image Support extension like no other extension on this list. It doesn’t convert images from png and jpg to WebP format. It allows you to upload images in WebP format to Magento since, as you might know, Magento doesn’t allow this by default.

In this case, you can just use some online WebP converter, convert images and then upload them to Magento.

But don’t get excited about that too soon.

Not all browsers support WebP format yet, so if you only use WebP Images, people from browsers with no WebP support will see broken images. This is not exactly the experience you want to provide your customers with.

Consider this before choosing this WebP Extension for your store.

Price: $79-$228

Rating: 4.8 stars, 9 reviews

Compatibility: Magento 2.1.x- 2.4.x (CE, EE)

Guarantees: Free Lifetime Updates, 90 Days Free Support, 30 Days Money Back


Now you've got all information you need to choose the best WebP Images extension and boost your website speed.

Did we leave you confused since all extensions sound like a fair deal?

We’ve also compiled a feature comparison list for you. Having a full picture in front of you will help to make sure which module benefits you best.

WebP Images Extensions Comparison List


Features Magefan JaJuMa fmeextensions Yireo MageComp
Quality Level Yes
Automatic WebP Conversion
Manual WebP Conversion
Cron WebP Conversion no
WebP Conversion Tools
WebP Image Cache
Skip Folders
Convert HTML Picture Tag Images
Convert CSS Background Images
Convert Images in GraphQL Requests
Convert Images in REST API Requests
Convert Images from External Websites
Fallback to Original PNG and JPG for browsers with no WebP support
Lazy Load Compatibility
Upload WebP Images to Magento Backend

How to Choose the Best WebP Images Extension?

As we've stated at the beginning of the article, the basic option every extension for WebP images should have is a seamless conversions process and support for all browsers.

While all extensions provide these basic options you have to think outside the box and look for other options that might come in handy.

WebP Images boost your website speed that correspondingly improves ranking and traffic. However, you should concentrate on other factors too since WebP images are not the ultimate solution for your Magento speed optimization.

Hope these article will help you make a choice towards the best WebP images extension that will serve your needs in the most relevant and useful way.