One of the most important things customers are extremely cautious about when shopping online is their personal data. That's why there is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) required by the government to ensure this data is stored, managed, and processed in compliance with the customer's rights.

However, this regulation doesn't only protect your customers' interests. It makes your store GDPR compliant to protect your store from penalties and lawsuits for inappropriate data processing.

That's why today we'll discuss the best GDPR Extension for Magento 2 that will help you to provide your customers with more control over the data their share with you.

Let's dive in.

Top Magento 2 GDPR Extensions

Vendor Extension Name Price Guarantees Rating
Plumrocket Magento 2 GDPR Extension by Plumrocket $199.00

- 100% Open Code

- 60 Days Refund Policy

- Free Lifetime Updates

- 90 Days Free Support

4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
13 reviews
Mirasvit GDPR for Magento 2 by Mirasvit $149.00

- 100% Open Code

- 30 Days Refund Policy

- 1 Year Free Updates

- 1 Year Free Support

4.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

7 reviews

Mageplaza GDPR for Magento 2 by Mageplaza $79.00

- 100% Open Code

- 60 Days Refund Policy

- Frequent Updates

- 365 Days Free Support

5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
33 reviews
Aheadworks GDPR for Magento 2 by Aheadworks  $169.00 

- 100% Open Code

- 30 Days Refund Policy

- 30 Days Free Updates

- 30 Days Free Support

- Free Installation

5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

8 reviews


Amasty GDPR for Magento 2 by Amasty $259.00

- 100% Open Code

- Support Subscription

- 30 Days Refund Policy

4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

9 reviews

1. Magento 2 GDPR Extension by Plumrocket

Plumrocket GDPR Extension is the all-in-one solution to data protection needs. It has all and even more, you need to comply with the GDPR. This module adds the Privacy Center Dashboard with the list of the GDPR options to the customer's account.

There, they can view and edit the Cookie and Privacy Policies, contact data protection officer, download account data, update email preferences and delete their accounts

Privacy Center Magento Storefront

(Privacy Center - Plumrocket Demo)

This GDPR extension adds our customers more control over their personal data on your store. They can download all of the data associated with their account which includes not only personal info and addresses but even stock alerts, wishlists, and compared products.

Download Data from Customer Account

(Download customer information - Plumrocket Demo)

Once they receive data in Excel or CVS format they can import it to any other service. Besides, your customers can erase all their personal information from your store which leads to the account removal within 24 hours.

Cookie restrictions notices, popups, email notifications, consent management also have a separate place in the GDRP module for Magento 2. The extension offers the advanced features and logging of all the processes associated with the GDRP to ensure admins full control over the settings.

Finally, the extension targets only EU countries and allows to disable consent checkboxes and cookie notices for non-EU countries with the help of the GeoIP detection.

2. GDPR for Magento 2 by Mirasvit

The most important thing customers want you to provide as they buy from you is transparency about the data collection. Mirasvit GDPR module helps you to achieve that with all the convenient options and settings. 

It allows you to customize the cookies and privacy policies templates, text, and placement. Moreover, you can access the consent withdrawals, data access requirements, as well as consent status, data, and time. As per the General Data Protection Regulation, your customers can edit, delete and anonymize their data at any time with simple and concise account configurations.

Anonymize Personal Data

(Anonymize customer information - Mirasvit Demo)

Besides, same as all GDPR extensions for Magento 2, this one allows customers to conveniently download data associated with their accounts. 

However, unlike the previous Magento 2 GDPR extension, Mirasvit covers not only GDPR but CCPA as well, which makes it more advanced for merchants who sell globally.

3. GDPR for Magento 2 by Mageplaza

Mageplaza GDRP is not much different from other Magento 2 GDPR extensions on this list. However, there still are some differences as it appears to be a little limited compared to other extensions here. As any other module, it is used to make your store more GDPR compliant and improve customer experience. 

So, it allows your customers to easily delete accounts, addresses, and download information associated with their accounts which default Magento doesn't cover. However, it only allows your customers to download first/last names, website/group/store/account/customer IDs, store view, email, time account was created and updates.

The distinctive feature is the auto-delete account option that removes inactive accounts according to the number of days set by admins

Auto-delete Customer Account

(Auto-delete customer account option - Mageplaza Demo)

Besides, Mageplaza GDPR offers you the cookie restriction and billing documents management options. However, they go with the Pro version only.

4. GDPR for Magento 2 by Aheadworks

Since the GDPR Extension allows you to provide your customer with multiple data protection and regulation settings, it becomes harder to manage those requests. But not with the Aheadworks GDPR.

Except for the options to request, copy and delete customer information, this module offers you advanced tracking settings. You can track and export customers with and without consents, monitor data access and removal requests that come from customers and even export all of these request data

Magento Account Removal Requests

(Account removal requests - Aheadworks Demo)

Moreover, this extension is great when it comes to data protection terms changes. You can easily change the policy, erase the contents and ask customers to agree to the new terms

5. GDPR for Magento 2 by Amasty

Last but not least Magento 2 GDPR extension is Amasty GDPR, which is a great competitor to Plumrocket extension in terms of features and options offered. Amasty module satisfies customers' rights to be informed, forgotten, to get access, to erasure, to contact data protection officer, and to export personal data.

It is also perfect for data tracking which allows you to be in full control of customer consents and requests by managing them all in one place. 

The distinctive feature though is the ability to anonymize, delete and download customer information from the admin if customers have some difficulties performing these actions from their account on a storefront.

Anonimize Customer Data from Admin Panel

(Anonymize customer data from admin panel - Amasty Demo)

What is more, you can style and customize the cookies and consent bars to comply with your theme design. Finally, to improve not only customer data protection but an experience you can configure to display consent and cookies information details in popups. This way customers won't have to switch between the tabs and move to different CMS pages.

Magento GDPR

(Privacy Policy Popup - Amasty Demo)

Each of the best Magento 2 GDPR extensions offers you a set of unique options to protect your store and your customers' data. If you sell within the EU, GDPR extension is a must so you don't get penalized or sued for inappropriate data use and management. Choose the extension with your customers in mind and get the one that suits your store needs.