Magento 2 Cache can influence a lot of things in your store, especially the loading speed.

Someone might disable the Magento 2 caches during deployment or they are disabled after some admin configuration.

Sometimes, your website runs slowly and you don't even know the disabled cache causes it.

That is why it is useful to have the disabled cache notification sent to your admin.

Magento, by default, doesn't offer such notifications, but Magento 2 Admin Email Notifications extension has you covered.

To enable disabled cache notification in Magento 2, navigate to Stores > Configuration > Admin Panel Notifications and enable the corresponding option.

Disabled Cache Notification in Magento 2

Once you enable this option, you will receive a notification about disabled cache in your admin panel:

Magento 2 Disabled Cache Notification

Check how it works in this short video:

With the Magento 2 Admin Email Notification extension you know when caches are disabled to enable them and prevent unwanted errors. 

However, you can also learn how to configure new reviews and low stock notifications with this extension. Thus you can monitor changes on your Magento 2 store via email.