CEO's Statement

Last week the whole Magento world was really frustrated by the news from some Magento extension providers about the Switch to the Subscription Model. Now we can observe a wave of resentment from their customers.

If you are interested in whether Magefan will also switch to the Subscription Model, then you will find the answers in this letter to know what to expect.

We are discussing this within our team now. You, our customers, your success and prosperity are our top priority. So, you will continue getting benefit from our products and services as you are used to.

Even if we implement any changes in the future, none of you will be disappointed or stressed because of it, since those changes will be implemented with the “what’s better for our customers” idea in mind. We will keep our words and guarantees. And if any of such changes take place in the future, they will not confuse you.

We want to reassure you that the accessibility of our products and updates, quality of our products and services will remain the same.

All customers who already use our extensions will continue to receive free lifetime updates. Magefan keeps promises. 


Ihor Vansach

Founder and CEO