How to Run Cron Job Manually in Magento 2?

One of the outstanding features of Magento is the ability to handle a lot of tasks automatically. The tool behind all these automated tasks is a cron job.

If you're already familiar with Magento cron jobs, you know they are installed and scheduled in your store database. However, how do you run cron jobs manually in Magento?

That's the question we'll answer today.


To run cron jobs manually in Magento 2:

1. Install the Magento 2 Cron Schedule

2. Go to System > Cron Schedule > Cron Jobs. There you'll find a list of all Magento and third-party cron jobs.

3. Find a cron job you want to run, tick it and select the Execute option from the mass actions dropdown.

magento run cron jobs manually

The cron job you've selected should be executed immediately and tracked in the Schedule Log (System > Cron Schedule > Schedule Log). 

You can also execute cron jobs manually from here, the same way you did in the cron jobs grid. 

run cron jobs manually magento 2

As you can see cron management can be easy if you use the right tools. You can easily run cron jobs manually in Magento admin panel without any hassle. 

But that's not the only thing you need to know about cron jobs. If you create a custom module and want some task within it to be automatic, you need to learn how to create a custom cron job in Magento.