How to Add Watermarks to Product Images in Magento 2?

One of the ways to prevent the unauthorized usage of your store's product images is to apply watermarks to them. A watermark is a highly transparent symbol that is placed onto an image. It's typically a logo, stamp, or signature associated with your store.

This feature makes your products and services easily recognizable and also improves brand awareness. 

If you would like to apply watermarks in your Magento 2 store, but don't know how to do that, this article is exactly what you need. 

How to Add Product Image Watermarks in Magento 2?

In order to add product image watermarks, follow the steps described below:

1. Navigate to Content > Design > Configuration and press the Edit link on the theme you would like to configure. 

2. Expand the Product Image Watermarks section.

Note: here you can find three sections (Base, Thumbnail, and Small) and plenty of fields to fill in for each of them. However, the content you have to add is quite the same in all of them, so we'll use the Small section as an example. 

3. Upload or Select from the Gallery the Image you would like to use as a watermark. Pay attention to the maximum file size (2 MB) and allowed file types (jpg, gif, png). 

4. Set the Image Opacity.

5. Enter the Image Size

6. Specify the Image Position, choosing one of the possible options from the dropdown list.

How to Configure Product Image Watermarks in Magento 2

7. Fill in the Base and Thumbnail sections, using the described above steps, since once again all the fields are alike.

8. Press the Save Configuration button and clean the cache.

This is how the product image watermarks will be displayed on the storefront, once the configuration is finished.

Product Image Watermarks in Magento 2

How to Delete Product Image Watermarks in Magento 2?

If you want to delete a product image watermark, simply press the delete icon on the image in the corresponding section (Base, Thumbnail and/or Small) and Save Configuration. Don't forget to flush the cache.

How to Delete Product Image Watermarks in Magento 2

So, this is how you configure product image watermarks in Magento 2. Quite easy, right? If this solution fits your store, feel free to use this guide to prevent your images from unauthorized usage.