Displaying CMS blocks on Magento 2 category page allows you to inform your customers about some special offers and new category products. There are plenty of other reasons to add CMS block to the catalog category page in Magento 2. And many of you know them already. So, let's not stop here and start learning how to display CMS block on Magento 2 category page.

Take the following steps to add CMS block to Magento 2 category page:

1. Go to Catalog > Categories and choose the Category you want to display the CMS block on.

Magento 2 Category

2. In the Content section Add the CMS block you want to add.

Magento 2 Add CMS Block to Category

3. Set the Display Mode to Static block only or Static block and products in the Display Settings.

Magento 2 Category Display Settings

4. Save category and check the CMS block out on the storefront.

Magento 2 Women Category

Except for adding CMS block to Magento 2 product category, you're able to add it to the Magento 2 Blog category page. However, the process of adding is the same as inserting CMS block into Magento 2  WYSWYG editor.

And here is how the CMS block displayed on Magento 2 blog category page will look like:

Magento 2 Blog Category

You can also watch this short video to learn how to add CMS block to the category page in Magento 2: