How to Configure Order Comments in Magento 2?

All store owners know how important it is to keep the order data up to date. Why? Because this way you can avoid any kind of misunderstanding, make your store more customer-friendly, and improve their experience.

This is why there is a great option — Magento 2 order comments — which helps admins to clarify and update certain details, when managing orders in Magento.

Read on to learn what are order comments and how you can configure them in your Magento 2.

What are Magento 2 Order Comments?

Magento 2 order comment is a note on the order view page used to add some details or updates about the order. They are visible in both frontend and backend order grids. However, by default, only admins can leave these comments.

How To Configure Order Comments In Magento 2

If you decide to add any order comment in the admin panel, it will be sent to customers' emails and/or displayed on the clients' order page. However, you don't necessarily need to send the command to customers via email. It's optional.

If a customer wants to revise some things or reply to the admin's order comment, they need to contact the store admin via email, live chat, or in any other way. 

How to Configure Order Comments in Magento 2?

To configure order comments in Magento 2:

1. Go to Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Sales Email > Order Comments and enable this feature.

2. Fill in the following fields:

  • Order Comment Email Sender, which defines a sender that will appear in the emails, sent to the customers.
  • Order Comment Email Template, where you can either choose your custom email template or use the default one.
  • Order Comment Email Template for Guest, where it is possible to choose a template that will be sent to customers who checked out as guests.  
  • Send Order Comment Email Copy to, which defines store members who will also receive order comment email. All you need to do is to enter corresponding email addresses separated by commas. 
  • Send Order Comments Email Copy Method, where you can choose whether to send a copy of the order comment email as BCC or as a separate email.

How to Configure Order Comments in Magento

Don't forget to press the Save Config button and that's it. The last thing you need is to figure out how to add order comments in Magento.

How to Add Order Comments?

To add an order comment in Magento:

1. Go to Sales > Orders and choose an order you want to add a comment to and press View.

How to Add Order Comment in Magento

3. Scroll down to the Order Total section and type in your order comment in the corresponding field.

4. Check the Notify Customer by Email and/or Visible on Storefront options to notify the customer about the comment.

Magento 2 Order Comments

5. Press the Submit Comment button.

This is how your comment will look in the customer's account.

Order Comments

Although Magento order comments are convenient for admin users when it comes to ordering management, there is no option for customers to add order comments on the frontend. By default, only the admin can start the conversation and make inquiries concerning order information.

However, with our Better Magento 2 Checkout extension, you can configure order comments for customers. This improves customer experience and the store-customer communication.