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Reviews about Magento 2 Convert Guest to Customer Extension

  1. Extention
    Works Well ... very helpful staff

    Review by Tim Cawte

    Posted on

  2. Works OK, but email only to convert [confirmation] causes issues with customers
    The extension has the ability to notify customers they have guest orders, and provides a button to customers to merge guest orders to their account. When customers (who are by definition logged in their account, with full access to their account configuration) click the notification to merge [their guest orders with their account]... instead of actually merging the customer is sent and email they have to check and then CLICK A LINK IN AN EMAIL in order to trigger a merge. Not only is this poor security practice (teach customers to click links in emails) but many (about 10%) either don't understand the action they need to take or refuse to do so... leading to mutliple attempts and ultimately an annoyed contact from customer requesting we fix the issue. Response from MageFan customer service was this is a security feature (I don't see how, they [customers] were already logged in to their customer account.) At least the extension should have a configuration option to allow the button to perform an immediate merge rather than just send an email.

    Magefan's reply:

    Thank you Emily for your honest feedback. We took your suggestions into account. So the next version of the Guest to Customer Extension will include an option for customers to merge guest orders automatically, without an email confirmation.

    Review by Emily Pepperman

    Posted on

  3. Good extension
    I'm very satisfied with this extension. It is useful for me. The support is very quick and efficient.

    Review by Razvan Andrea

    Posted on

  4. Good but lot of scope for improvement
    It does convert guest to customer. however, the key customer data associated with the order is not changed. The following fields show different values in the customer data and order data:
    (a) Customer Group
    (b) Email ID
    The extension should provide an option to sync the customer data in the customer_entity and related tables with customer data in order, order_address and other related tables

    Magefan's reply:

    Thank you for your feedback, Krishnan. Please note that the extension assigns guest orders to customers based on the email ID, so this kind of data can't be changed if you want to sync customers' guest orders to their accounts.

    Regarding the customer group, it is saved for the order at the moment the order was placed so you can track discounts and other benefits associated with the customer group. If you want to create an order for a specific customer in Magento admin and then go and change this customer's group, the group will still remain the same in the order details.

    Review by Krishnan Iyer

    Posted on

  5. Excellent help...
    We had a configuration issue, which support helped us with really quickly, very impressed.

    Review by Vince Riches

    Posted on

  6. 5 stars
    This module fixes so much. We don't have to force our customers to register to place an order which was a problem. Instead we turn guest orders into registered customers. Couln't ask for more and support is great. They answered quickly with any questions.

    Review by Veronica D.

    Posted on

  7. Very Useful, Great Support
    We are very happy with this extension. Not only does it automatically convert our guests to registered customers, but it also adds the functionality to change the customer account connected to an order and allows us to login to our customers' accounts on the front end. These features have tremendously helped our customer service team deal with customer issues. We had some minor bugs due to custom coding on our site, but Magefan's support team was able to resolve them quickly. We're very happy to recommend Magefan and this extension.

    Review by Martin Doellinger

    Posted on

  8. Fast support
    The support team is really good and responsive.

    Review by jithin jayan

    Posted on

  9. Good extension
    Good extension that does exactly what it should. No problems installing and setup is straight forward. Recommended.

    Review by Robert Kristoffersen

    Posted on

  10. Quick, easy, simple and resolved!
    Title says it all. Before this extension things were in a bit of a mess with some orders not assigned to customer email accounts due to guest checkout. Also order and customer data migrated from another shopping cart didn't match up orders with the customers correctly. This extension solved and continues to solves similar issues. It's quick and simple. Highly recommended!

    Review by George Pallecaros

    Posted on

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