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Reviews about Magento 2 Zero Downtime Deployment

  1. Ideal module to minimize downtime
    Module works exactly as described and has been improved to perfection, a must have for any Magento 2 store.

    Review by Janis Kalnins

    Posted on

  2. Pretting useful extension
    Great extension for magento 2 application.

    The support team is just awesome.

    Review by Nasir Perwaiz

    Posted on

  3. No more hassle with late night deployments
    For years we have struggled with nightly deployments to production sites and different deployment scripts with different results. It was always necessary to make the site unavailable for a while to sort out all the deployment issues. Customers did not want deployments in the middle of the day when most of the customers were there.

    We were sceptical about the module at first, but the seamless performance won us over and now we do seamless deployments in the middle of the day on all Magento productions without any problems.

    And when we have a new request, we usually get it within a few days. I can't tell you how happy we are with the solution.

    Review by Tomaz Ivancic

    Posted on

  4. Seamless and Reliable: Zero Downtime Extension for Magento 2
    The Zero Downtime Extension for Magento 2 is an absolute game-changer. Its seamless integration into our e-commerce platform has transformed our update processes, ensuring a flawless transition without any disruption to our online operations. The extension's efficiency in managing updates and maintenance tasks is truly commendable, allowing us to enhance our website's features and security with zero downtime. The user-friendly interface simplifies the entire process, making it a valuable asset for any Magento 2 user. Kudos to the developers for creating a reliable and indispensable tool that significantly improves the management of updates for a smooth and uninterrupted online experience.

    Review by Webmaster G.

    Posted on

  5. Perfect support!
    Very cool extension! Easy to use! Nice support =)
    Thank you!

    Review by Pavlo Mykush

    Posted on

  6. A spectacular extension !
    A spectacular extension due to its ease of use and essential services provided on production sites ! Deployments are faster and more rational and without service interruption : a must have !

    Review by Samuel Kapitaniuk

    Posted on

  7. Open for new features
    In these difficult times, the Magefan team is open to product suggestions and incorporates them quickly. A big thank you for that.

    Review by Gino Be

    Posted on

  8. Excellent
    Magefan are brilliant - one of the only companies on the market, whose extensions actually work. Really well.

    Review by Nathan Pemberton

    Posted on

  9. Great module!
    Our Magento install has 3 stores with 10 store views in total, deployment usually took 20 minutes of downtime. With the module the deployment is seamless, as the name of the module says zero downtime! Awesome module!!

    Review by Denes Gabos

    Posted on

  10. Essential for every M2 store owner
    After using the Magefan shell script solution from the very begin, we switched now to the more powerful extension, which gives you a real zero downtime deployment and much more.

    Great support, I am using several Magefan Extensions.

    Review by Tom M.

    Posted on

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