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Reviews about Magento 2 WebP Images Extension

  1. Great Extension
    This extension is very easy to install and use. WebP provides high quality with efficient delivery sizes. Must have.

    Review by William DeCamp

    Posted on

  2. Easy to use and very good support
    This plugin is a must have. Easy to use, webP helps pages loads faster and the support from Magefan is very good. I had a little bug and they solved it the same day for me.

    Review by Jeppe B

    Posted on

  3. Excellent module
    It's a great module for converting images to the WebP format. It also supports images added via Page Builder, and that's definitely a valuable benefit of the extension.

    Review by Davide Consonni

    Posted on

  4. Instant results, Good Quality
    Really happy with this choice, over 170k files to convert, many options for convertion. Easy Install and much appreciated specific fields of configuration available.


    Review by Justin Profor

    Posted on

  5. Excellent module
    The module works perfectly on all Magento versions. Also got a satisfactory support service from "Maria Skula" for the uat domains module activation. Highly Recommended!

    Review by Namrata Sangani

    Posted on

  6. Excellent customer service
    Would definitely recommend.

    Review by John Cal

    Posted on

  7. Works well
    The extension works well and the support was so fast and helpful!

    Review by Kim Søgaard

    Posted on

  8. Installation successful
    Very happy with extension, our developer wanted to charge us $500 to install. They did it for $69 I believe.

    Review by patrick carson

    Posted on

  9. Great Extension works very well and awesome support!!
    The installation of the extension was quiet easy, no problems, also the configuration is very easy.
    To find the right compress quality was also very easy.
    At one moment I got stack with the excluding of a loader icon gif, I contacted the support via the zendesk chat on the magefan website, they helped me very fast and uncomplicated.
    So I am very happy with the webp images extension, saved me a lot time

    Review by Peter Herrmann

    Posted on

  10. Great extension with even better support
    Thank you for helping me install it, I got stuck there, and an even bigger thank you for adapting the WebP extension to my system. I'm glad I chose this extension for WebP images. It works fantastically.

    Review by Cornelia Posselt

    Posted on

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