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Magento 2 SMTP Extension by MagePal

Magento 2 SMTP is an extension that allows you to configure the SMTP server connection in Magento to allow your store to send emails to customers and staff. With this SMTP extension for Magento, you can stay assured your messages will be delivered to the recipient. It makes email deliverability possible and ensures your emails are treated as trustworthy and reliable.

Make sure to deliver the best service to your customers through easy-to-configure SMTP providers!

  • Authentic Magento 2 transactional emails
  • High email deliverabiliy rates
  • Customizable SMTP server settings
  • Integration of multiple SMTP providers
FREE version available
Compatibility:Magento 2.3.0 - 2.4.7-p1 (CE, EE, ECE, B2B)

Ensure High Email Deliverability

No eCommerce business can do without email communication since is it the basic form of customer-store relationship. That's why sending out transactional emails is crucial for every online store. Since your server features don't always allow you to send emails out of the box, you need SMTP servers to do it for you. 

It is exactly what this free Magento 2 SMTP extension enabled you to do.

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SMTP Service Providers

Choose the Most Reliable SMTP Providers

If you like you can configure your own SMTP server. However, it will require you more time, skills, and determination to make it work. This Magento SMTP extension enables you to integrate any of the most popular SMTP providers in no time.

You can send emails with any of these SMTP gateways:



Microsoft Office365





O2 Mail




Google App


Elastic Email

G Suite





AOL Mail

Yahoo Mail

Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

Сustomize SMTP Options in Magento 2

With this Magento 2 SMTP Extension configuring any SMTP service from within the Magento admin panel is no longer impossible. This module provides you with complete control over the SMTP server settings like host, port, username, password, and others. It ensures smooth integration for anyone from beginners to advanced users. Moreover, you can rest assured about the security since you also can choose the Magento 2 SMTP authentication.

SMTP Server Configurations
SMTP Email Server Configurations

Check out SMTP in Action

Before running any email campaigns, ensure the SMTP server is configured correctly, and use the testing feature of the Magento SMTP module. Specify an email sender and recipient to see whether your email will be delivered to the email box without issues. Edit and customize the SMTP settings in real-time to ensure the best experience for your customers.

Send transactions emails in Magento 2 fast and easy with reliable SMTP.

Disclaimer: All rights for this extension belong to magepal.com. We just promote this SMTP Extension for Magento 2 since we like it and use it in our store too and want more people to learn about it. So, we decided to present it for our customers to use and benefit from. We reserve no rights for this Magento 2 SMTP extension since the author of the module is Magepal solely.

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