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Reviews about Magento 2 Google Tag Manager & Analytics 4

  1. mr Panos
    This module It's Perfect

    Review by Panos Karagiannis

    Posted on

  2. Great Extension - Makes GTM Integration SImple
    A fantastic product, easy to install and configure. It really makes setting up GTM a breeze.

    Review by Andy Bolton

    Posted on

  3. Gtm plugin implementation
    Happy with the developers support as well the responce time.

    Review by Jaideep Solanki

    Posted on

  4. Good solid extension
    Good solid extension, Works well and support is excellent

    Review by S T

    Posted on

  5. Good extension
    Have yet to have much time testing but seamless integration with our store and good support too. Would recommend based on usage so far

    Review by Callum Brown

    Posted on

  6. What a briliant module
    We used Magento 2.2 and did the work ourselves to capture values for Google, but decided to give this a go for 2.4. And it really does work and provides much better data into Google for analytics. Highly recommended and allowing us to make much better informed choices about our site.

    Review by Chris Hunphries

    Posted on

  7. smooth installation and working fine
    smooth installation, no needed any support and was compatible with 2.4.6-p3 CE ed

    always a good company

    Review by Revera Store

    Posted on

  8. The extension works great in general
    We've been trying every possible ways to integrate GA4 to our client's websites and they mostly cannot track ecommerce purchases correctly.
    After switching to Magefan's extension, it works flawlessly out-of-the-box, the configuration is intuitive and easy to follow without having to read pages of manual instruction.

    Review by Trevor Barnes

    Posted on

  9. Streamlined Tracking and Enhanced E-commerce - Magento 2 GTM Extension
    The Magento 2 Google Tag Manager (GTM) Extension is an important part of our digital toolkit. As a tech professional in charge of our online store's e-commerce, I find it very useful. Integrating Google's powerful analytics and tracking tools into our Magento 2 site has become much easier thanks to this extension. It gives us a level of insight into our e-commerce performance that we couldn't get before.

    The Magento 2 GTM Extension impressed me right from the start with how easy it was to use and how well it worked with the rest of the site. We were able to easily connect our Google Tag Manager account to our Magento store thanks to clear documentation that set up the process. Integration was made very easy, which shows that the extension was carefully planned and built.

    One of the best things about the Magento 2 GTM Extension is that it can handle complicated tracking needs without us having to change any code on our site by hand. We've saved a lot of time on development because of this, and our marketing team can now focus on analysis and optimization instead of getting bogged down in technical implementation details.

    The add-on works with many tracking tags and gives you a lot of information to look at. For example, you can use it to track e-commerce actions like adding items to your cart and checking out. Our team needed this level of detail to really understand how people use our site, which let us make decisions based on data to make the online shopping experience better and, in the end, boost sales.Someone who has fallen and gotten back up is much stronger than someone who has never fallen.

    Review by Myrin New

    Posted on

  10. Easy to Setup and Fantastic Support
    The extension worked perfectly with Magento 2 + Hyva,
    For any support required, the response from the support team was very prompt. They were also very helpful, answering any questions and providing any necessary tests.

    Review by Amin Dio

    Posted on

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