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Editions and Pricing for Magento 2 Google Tag Manager

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Google Analytics 4 compatability
100% open code
Compatible with third-party Magento themes
Installation via Composer
Google Consent Mode
magento google consent mode
Generate and export JSON Web container
generate and export json file in magento
Track product page view
track product views in magento
Track shopping cart page view
track cart views in magento
Track checkout page view
track checkout page views in magento
Track purchase / checkout success page / revenue view
track purchases in magento
Track clicks, scroll, form submit, file download
track clicks scrolls form submits and file downloads in magento
Track product add to cart
track add to carts in magento
Track product remove from cart
track remove from carts in magento
Track product add to wishlist
track add to wishlist event in magento
Track adding shipping information on checkout
track shipping event in magento
Track adding payment information on checkout
track add payment information event in magento
Track product lists view (category page, product search, related, up-sell, cross-sale products)
track post list views in magento
Google Ads - Conversion Tracking
google ads conversion tracking in magento
Google Ads - Dynamic Remarketing
google ads dynamic remarketing magento
Define Google Ads Tag ID
google ads tag id
Track refunds
track refunds in magento 2
Track sign in
track sign ins in magento
Track create an account
track sign ups in magento
Track searches
track searches in magento
Track orders created in admin panel
track orders created in admin panel
Server-side tracking through GA4 Measurement Protocol
server side tracking in ga4 magento
Server-side tracking through GTM Server Container
server side tracking in gtm magento
Test GTM Server Container
testing gtm server container in magento
Generate and export JSON Server container
generate and export json server container
Track missing purchase events only for server side tracking
track missing events only with server side tracking
Server-side tracking for headless storefront
server side trackign headless storefront
REST API endpoints for PWA storefront