Shipping is the last step in the order processing pipeline that often requires the most attention. Though Magento offers you a variety of shipping methods, they are sometimes quite limited, especially when customer location is concerned. 

To exceed the default Magento functional and take the most of the shipping options you need a Shipping Extention. There are plenty of modules that allow you to take shipping to the next level and present customers with more shipping options. 

However, very often their features differ which makes it hard for your to choose. 

Today we'll cover the best free Magento 2 Shipping extensions for you to consider. 

4 Best Free Magento 2 Shipping Extensions

Vendor Extension Name Price Guarantees Rating
Webshopapps ShipperHQ and WebShopApps MatrixRate Free

No guarantees

Github module

115 ⭐

59 forks

Owebia Advanced Shipping for Magento 2 by Owebia Free

No guarantees

Github module

87 ⭐

29 forks

Mageplaza Magento 2 Multiple Flat Rates Shipping by Mageplaza Free

No guarantees

Github module


8 forks

BSScommerce Magento 2 Admin Shipping Method by BSSCommerce Free

- Free 1-year Support

- Free Lifetime Updates

- Free Installation

- 30 Days Money Back


1 review

1. ShipperHQ and WebShopApps MatrixRate

The Matrix Rate is the free shipping extension for Magento 2 that allows you to display multiple shipping methods on checkout. It is based on the default Magento table rate shipping but enables you to define shipping rates based on location, shipping method, quantity, weight, and price.

The best thing about this shipping extension is it allows you to manage shipping rates via the CSV file which you upload to the database. So, it doesn't require any coding to change rates, prices, or conditions. Shipping rates are calculated via SQL searches.

What could be better?

We'll tell you what — Advanced Shipping module by Owebia.

2. Advanced Shipping for Magento 2 by Owebia

If you really want to take your shipping rates to the next level, this Magento 2 Shipping Extension is for you. It is called "Advanced" for a reason. It offers you very flexible configurations of the shipping fees.

You can use almost all available variables for rates calculations. It could be anything from weight, price, categories, and product attributes to customer groups, customer attributes, and any Magento custom attributes, etc.

Opportunities are virtually limitless.

The extension uses specific syntax to define one or multiple shipping methods, their prices, names, and conditions. Owebia Shipping Extension uses a formula to combine conditions and define the rates.

So, the flexibility of the extension is of great advantage. However, the formulas are complex and it makes this module a little confusing. Thats' why this extension is mainly used by developers who easily navigate through the extensive documentation.

3. Magento 2 Multiple Shipping Flat Rates by Mageplaza

Mageplaza provides must-have solution for global brands that want to deliver flat rate shipping for multiple locations. By default, Magento has one flat rate shipping option which obviously can't justify the delivery effort for different locations.

Shipping Flat Rates Extension they offer allows you to add up to five flat rate shipping methods. Each could be assigned a unique name, price, sort order and enabled for applicable countries. In case one of the flat rate shipping methods is not available in certain countries, you can configure the error message notifying customers about it.

4. Magento 2 Admin Shipping Method by BSScommerce

The last Magento Shipping Extension on this list is unlike any of the extensions mentioned above. As the name implies, it allows you to create a new shipping method available for admin users only. This shipping method enables them to create orders free of shipping costs. It also automatically creates invoices and shipments once the orders are created.

Additionally, you can define the number of applicable countries to limit this shipping method to. It enables you to set is a default shipping method for all orders created in the admin panel.

These are the best Magento 2 Shipping extensions you can use for free. As you might have noticed, all of them offer you different options and features. Once you know what you're looking for in the extension, you'll be able to choose the one that fits you best.

If you're looking for some other extensions, but can't choose, explore our Best Magento 2 Extensions page with the extension reviews.