Website speed is something one can not optimize once, and benefit from ever after. You continuously have to optimize the loading speed, especially when working with Magento 2 and eCommerce in general. 

That is why you have to pay attention to multiple things in your store, cache in particular. Magento full-page cache is one of the reasons why your website loads faster. Your customers' experience depends on it. 

However, unfortunately, your store data always gets cleared for numerous reasons. And that's when you need a tool to automate the cache warming, so your customers and Google always get relevant content faster. 

You're going to find multiple Full Page Cache Warmer Extensions for Magento 2 on the web. Unfortunately, only a few provide really useful features.  So, in this article, we provide an overview of the best Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer extensions you can choose for your store.

Let's start with analyzing the most basic characteristics and move on to the advanced options.

Top Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer Extensions

Vendor Extension Name Price Guarantees Rating
Mirasvit Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2 by Mirasvit $149.00

- 100% Open Code

- 30 Days Refund Policy

- 1 Year Free Updates

- 1 Year Free Support

4.9 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

205 reviews

Amasty Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2 by Amasty $219.00

- 100% Open Code

- Support Subscription

- 30 Days Refund Policy

4.8 ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐⭐

9 reviews


Now let's review these Full Page Cache Warmer extensions in more detail.


Configuration is actually what makes Amasty and Mirasvit extension stand out. They don't require any complex, multiple, or manual configurations. Just a few simple system settings right after installation and that's it.

The extensions work in the background and automatically refresh store data according to the set parameters. Just specify what types of pages to warm the cache for, and continue to manage your store pages as usual. Your actions won't impact the Cache Warmer extensions in any way.

One distinctive feature though is that Full Page Cache Warmer Extension by Mirasvit allows you to create a list of specific pages for cache warming to decrease the server load.

Cache Warming Priorities

Even if you have hundreds of pages on your website, not all of them are equally popular. The best Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer extensions allow you to prioritize and ensure the fast loading of the most popular pages.

Full Page Cache Warmer Priorities

(Mirasvit Demo)

This way your customers will always see the freshest content as fast as possible. Besides, the Amasty extension provides 6 different algorithms for prioritization, with the cache finder working on the queue generation source you select.

Performance Optimization

Regarding performance optimization, Mirasvit Full Page Cache is more advanced. Except for the performance presets for 3 intensity levels, this extension provides the adjustable performance settings.

You can configure the maximum run time, the number of concurrent requests to your store, and the frequency of the cron job.

Cache Warmer Performance Stats

(Mirasvit Demo)

This way you're in full control of the extension performance to ensure it doesn't exceed your server capabilities or cause an overload.

In the Amasty extension, we don't see such options to customize the performance. However, we've got something different here.

Caching Schedule

Instead of selecting the performance level of the module, Full Page Cache Extension from Amasty allows you to schedule the queue generation and cache warming. Correspondingly, you can set a specific time to generate the cache warming queue and process the pages.

Moreover, you can set up multi-process warming, so you add more than one URL to the cache warming request. This significantly reduces the number of requests required for the cache warming.

Cache Warmer Queue

(Amasty Demo)


As in any other field, you have to track the progress to optimize it. Same here. You have to monitor the full page cache warmer performance to adjust the settings and create better environment for your customers.

Both extensions allow you to monitor the efficiency of the cache warming. Mirasvit Full Page Cache Extension allows you to track the response time of cached and non-cached pages. Besides, you get the data on the cache misses and hits during a particular time.

Cache Warmer Efficiency Report

(Mirasvit Demo)

Regarding Amasty, they went above and beyond with the reporting feature of their Full Page Cache Warmer extension. Except for the same features we just mentioned, Amasty provides the warmer log with the visual stats about the crawler progress, coverage rate, and all crawled pages information. It includes currency, time, store view, date, etc.

Moreover, you can flush the cache for the particular URL right from the warmer log. The extension also reports on the status of the processed pages with all the redirects, invalid pages, errors percentage, and successful loads.

Full Page Cache Warmer Reports

(Amasty Demo)

It allows you to utilize that data to improve the efficiency of the Full Page Cache Warmer Extension.

Cache Warming Blocking

Each Magento 2 page is a complex unity of static and dynamic elements. So, sometimes, you can't cache the whole page because of some elements being dynamic and unique for each visitor.

Both of these Full Page Cache Warmer extensions go with the Hole Punch feature that allows you to exclude some complex blocks from cache warming. These blocks will be always loaded, regardless if the rest of the page content is cached or not.

Hole Punch Feature

(Amasty Demo)


You can't exclude the possibility of cache issues appearing even if you use the best Full Page Cache Warmer extension or other. What you can do is use the convenient debugging features they provide to track problems related to request cache flushing and cache warming requests.

Note: athough the extensions work perfectly on staging, they might not be able to gather and process all required information on the production.

Page Cache Warmer Debugging

Regardless of the Full Page Cache Warmer extension you choose, you will definitely benefit from the comprehensive configuration and the advanced optimization features. 

However, you should remember that while they help you boost the cache warming, they don't fix your loading speed issues completely. 

Once you optimize your website cache with the best Magento 2 Full Page Cache Warmer extensions, explore other ways to improve Magento 2 speed