If you want to sell globally and manage a multi-language Magento website, be ready to do a lot of translation, depending on the number of languages you want to translate your website to. 

Magento is very flexible with translations since it provides you with the Translate Inline Tool out-of-the-box. However, translating long-form content requires a lot of manual work. 

Not very time-effective, is it?

Luckily there is Crowdin that allows you to streamline the translations workflow, and modify and deploy translations online automatically. 

The only thing left is to get all your content synced with Crowdin so you can add translations in real-time. 

That's what our Magento 2 Crowdin Integration Extension is here for and in this article, you'll learn how you can configure it.

General Configuration

Once you install the Crowdin Integration module, you need to Enable it. For that just go to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Crowdin Integration > General.

Magento 2 Crowdin Integration Configuration

Don't forget to Save Config before moving on with the synchronization.

Activate Crowdin Integration

To synchronize Magento and Crowdin you have to Activate Integration

1. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to the Magento Integration section. Find the "crowdin" integration and click Activate

Magento Crowdin Integration

2. All permissions required for the extension to work properly are already pre-set. So all you need is to click Allow to confirm the action.

Allow Crowdin Integration with Magento

3. Once you have generated your Integration Tokens, just click the Done button and move back to the configuration section.

Magento Integration Tockens

4. Copy Integration Key and paste it into the Crowdin Integration.

Magento 2 Crowdin Integration Configuration

Synchronize Crowdin with Magento

To synchronize data you want to translate with Crowdin, choose the product, category, email, page, and block in the Translation Fields and Enable Sync.

Synchronize Magento to Crowdin

In case you don't want to export all products and categories to Crowdin, but only some of them, check the Catalog Synchronization section. 

Here you can choose to synchronize specific categories and products or all except specific categories and products and define these products in the following field.

Synchronize specific products and categories to Crowdin

Once you Save Config, all data selected will be synched to Crowdin. You'll be able to find it under Workspace > Magefan Integration > Integrations > Magento.

Crowdin Magento Integration

You can select the files you want to be synced to Crowdin and press the corresponding button. 

After your sync the files, you will be able to do the translation. Then, when you make the translations, you can sync the translated data back to Magento at the very same location (Workspace > Magefan Integration > Integrations > Magento).

Exclude Data from Synchronization

If you want to exclude some information from syncing, disable the Sync for certain attributes and Save Config.

Exclude Content from Syncing with Crowdin

With Magento 2 Crowdin Integration Extension translating Magento is fast and easy since you can streamline the process, track the progress within the Crowdin tool and sync the translations back to Magento.