How to Make Order Status Visible on Frontend in Magento 2?

Order processing in Magento consists of multiple stages. Each is marked by a specific order status that helps you to keep a record of all changes an order comes through.

Magento 2 provides various order statuses and states store managers can create and manage. However, customers might also be eager to learn about the stage their order is at. Fortunately, Magento covers that too.

You can make order status visible on the frontend in Magento with little to no effort. We'll show you how.

To make order visible on frontend in Magento:

1. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Order Status and press the Assign Status to State button.

2. Select the Order Status and the corresponding Order State you want to assign it to.

3. Decide whether you want to Use this Order Status As Default.

4. Most importantly, tick the Visible On Storefront checkbox to display order statuses in the accounts of your customers.

Assigning order status to state in Magento 2

5. Save the Status Assignment and check the results on the storefront.

Make order status visible on frontend in Magento 2

Making order statuses visible on the storefront is extremely easy. Yet, it promotes customer engagement and improves the overall shopping experience. But that's not it.

You need to learn how to change order statuses throughout the process. Especially for those cases when Magento doesn't change them automatically.