Top 5 Best Magento Translation Services

The fast development of E-commerce gives plenty of opportunities for businesses around the world.  Still, selling globally is followed by a lot of challenges the biggest of which is a language barrier. 

What page do you think a customer is more willing to purchase a product from: the one in their local language or the one they can't even understand? 

If you want to increase your global sales and extend the customer base, you need to know how to manage a multi-language Magento store and translate relevant content into multiple languages.

Although Magento provides the Translate Inline Tool out of the box it won't be enough to translate long-form content like products, categories, or other CMS pages. 

That being said, you can rather spend a lot of time on manual translations or resort to Magento translation services to automate the process or do that for you. 

In this article, we've gathered the best translation services for Magento that will help you to localize your business.

Overview of Top Translation Services for Magento 2

Service provider G2 rating Pricing Supported languages Integration extension
Crowdin 4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
119 reviews
  • Subscription: $50-$450 per month
  • Custom business plan
300+ languages Magento 2 Crowdin Integration 

4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

91 reviews

  • Subscription: $0-$669 per month
  • Custom enterprise plan
280+ languages Smartcat Magento Connector
Phrase 4.6 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
348 reviews
  • Subscription: $0-$369 per project manager/ month
  • Custom plan
500+ languages Phrase Magento 2 Connector

No reviews on G2


  • Project-per-project pricing
250+ languages Magento Integration

No reviews on G2

  • Project-per-project pricing
120+ languages Strackertranslations Magento 2

Best Magento Translation Services 

Services listed here either allow you to translate the content of your Magento 2 store yourself, with the help of IT-based tools, or rely on a team of experienced translators. However, to transfer and manage your Magento content with these services, you will need an integration extension that comes for free with each service.

1. Crowdin 

Crowdin Translation

Crowdin is a cloud-based software that streamlines localization management for your team, basically an upgrade from classic TMS tools. The Magento + Crowdin Integration lets you link your Magento 2 store to the cloud-based localization software Crowdin.

You can translate and change the language of your Magento content using this integration. Make sure that your source content and translations are always up-to-date.

With Crowdin, you can select the files you want to translate, click Sync, and they will be listed in your localization project, available for translators. Once translations are ready, sending them back to Magento is as easy. You can also set up an automatic content sync, so you don't have to do this manually.

Magento Crowdin Integration

Syncing of Magento fields to Crowdin

Besides, translations in Crowdin are made by translators of your choice. Translation agencies from Crowdin Marketplace or other agencies of your choice, freelance translators, your in-house team, or machine translation engines — just choose. 

Crowdin Pricing

Crowdin pricing plans

Also, if you need translations fast — you can use Crowdin Translation Services. You only need to create a translation task, select target languages, and assign it to Crowdin Language Services. Typically, translations are completed within a few days, depending on the amount of content and target languages.

Pricing: pricing plans differ depending on the size of your organization. They have 2 products: Crowdin and Crowdin Enterprise. Crowdin has Free, Pro, and Team plans for individuals and SMBs. Crowdin Enterprise has Team+ and Business plans for organizations.

Supported translation engines: 

  • MT Engine IDs
  • Microsoft Translator
  • DeepL Translator
  • Watson (IBM) Translator
  • ModernMT
  • Amazon Translate
  • Google Translate
  • Google Cloud AutoML Translation
  • KantanMT
  • Crowdin MT
  • Bohemicus
  • Globalese
  • Intento MT Hub
  • ModelFront
  • Custom MT option

2. Smartcat 

Smartcat Translation

Smartcat is another cloud-based translation software that provides Magento integration. As the name indicates, Smartcat is a CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation), but it is actually a translation management system and marketplace.

It combines collaborative workflows, automatic translations, and one of the largest industry marketplaces for finding freelance translators. 

Smartcat Magento Connector

Smartcat translations dashboard in Magento admin (source: Smartcat)

Whether you want to translate simple texts or large projects like localizing websites, Smartcat helps you do it quickly and effectively through a clear interface and an extensive toolbar. The vast functionality of the extension allows you to translate files in almost any language, using human and tech input with partial or full automation.

Smartcat Pricing

Smartcat pricing plans

To get the content exported from Magento to Smartcat you need the Translation Manager Extension provided by the platform. They will also require you to have a Smartcat account to assign translation jobs to your in-house translators or outsource the tasks to Smartcat.

You will be able to push content for translation to your Smartcat account and it will be automatically pulled back to Magento once completed.

Hassle-free translations and automated content exchange is what Smartcat is about.  

Pricing: there are 4 pricing plans available — Forever Free, Starter, Unite, and Enterprise that vary depending on the number of words you need to translate per month. 

Supported translation engines: 

  • Google Statistical MT
  • Google Neural MT
  • Microsoft Translator
  • Yandex MT
  • Baidu Translate
  • DeepL
  • Amazon Translate
  • ModernMT

3. Phrase 

Phrase Translation Services

Most of the CAT tools start to add cloud-based solutions to their portfolio, and Phrase (formerly Memsource) is not an exception. It is a translation management system designed for language service providers, translators, and enterprises.

This solution allows you to integrate up to 30 different machine translation services. Although the AI-powered translation still needs to be edited by humans, Phrase goes beyond simple machine translation integration.

It offers you the Machine Translation Quality Estimation that frees you from the hassles of choosing the MT engines that fit your project most.

Memsource Magento Connector

Magento store connector panel (source: Phrase)

Moreover, this tool enables you to work flexibly via the Phrase Web or Desktop Editors, or Mobile App. That being said, you can use Phrase without having to install it on your computer or use a single platform. 

As one of the best Magento Translation Services, Phrase also offers you integration with Magento. It allows you to connect your Magento and Phrase accounts directly and import content manually or automatically. Phrase TMS will automatically store all of the translations, so you can reuse them for a cheaper and more consistent translation

Phrase Pricing

Pricing plans for Phrase TMS

A huge benefit is also the In-content Preview option. So you can make sure the pages, categories, and products are displayed correctly while being translated by the translator. 

Pricing: there are 4 plans available for companies, translation service providers, and freelance translators: Phrase TMS, Phrase Strings, Phrase Translate, and Success plans. 

Supported translation engines: 

  • Amazon Translate
  • Google AutoML
  • Google Translate
  • Microsoft Custom Translator
  • Microsoft Translator
  • DeepL
  • Human Science
  • T-Tact-AN-ZIN
  • Tilde MT
  • GlobalLink AI
  • Systran
  • Sunda MT
  • RWS Language Cloud
  • SDL BeGlobal
  • Rozetta T-3MT
  • Rozetta T-400
  • Prompsit MT
  • PangeaMT
  • Omniscien Technologies
  • Mirai Translate
  • Microsoft Translator Hub
  • KantanMT
  • Globalese
  • Fair Trade Translation
  • CrossLang
  • Apertium
  • Alexa Translations A.I.
  • Yandex Translate
  • Ubiqus NMT
  • Tencent TranSmart
  • Systran Pue Neural MT
  • Rozetta Translate

4. Toppandigital

Toppan Translation

Toppan Digital Language is a relatively new language solutions provider that's been established in 2021. Within such a short period, they've managed to gather a team of 150 in-house translators and 90+ project managers to provide highly integrated tailored translation, linguistic, and transcreation services

Although Toppan Digital Language offers you a huge team of professional linguists, they use AI-powered automated translation that returns accurate translation based on your existing content. The Integration solution they provide makes it faster and easier to search and filter through content available for translation within the admin panel.  

Besides, Toppan allows you to manage your glossaries within the Toppan Digital Language Client Portal to enhance brand equity across all marketing assets. Due to the translation memory database, all content you import to Toppan will be scanned for memory matches and translated accordingly.  

Although you can approve content from the Clients Portal before publication, you can also automate content delivery and retrieval. It automates the workflow and saves you from the hassles of manual export&import. 

The only difference from the previous Magento translation services is you don't do the translations yourself with the Toppan Digital Language. There are translators that do it for you. So you pay for the translation jobs based on how your account is set up and get the financial reporting based on that.

Pricing: quote-based pricing per project

Integration: Magento Integration

5. Strakertranslations

Stracker Translation

Similar to the Toppan Digital Language, Stracker is not a CAT tool you could use to translate your Magento website. It is the Magento translation service with features similar to the previous service. 

Straker is a language service provider that combines machine learning, human translation expertise, and automatic file handling. This service enables you to manage the translation process from your Magento interface once you install their API-based tool.

You can get any pages and block translated by a team of professional translators. 

Stracker Quote Estimation

Stracker quick quote estimation panel

Stracker provides AI tech and smart automation as well as clear tracking and reporting on the translation process. Additionally, you can also build your own translation memory to reduce future translation costs

Using their integration tool you simply have to submit content for translation, accept the quote, review and approve the translated content before it is sent back to Magento. No need to export and import CSV files You just select and publish content directly eliminating any risks of losing or breaking the HTML code.

The best thing here is you only need to pay for the content translation pushed through the API. 

Pricing: quote-based pricing per project 

Getting your business localized helps you to expose your store to a wider audience and create brand awareness across multiple regions. Each of these Magento translation services offers you a wide range of features that vary depending on the size of your business and translation objectives. 

Choose the one that suits your needs best to translate content yourself or the team of professional translators. Additionally, you can consider the Magento 2 Translation extension for small product translation tasks or for translating labels and buttons.