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Magento 2 SEO Extensions

Getting more customers, better SERP positions, ranking, and, eventually, revenue directly depends on how you do SEO on Magento. The best Magento 2 SEO Extensions in this category will help you cover the most important SEO-related features on your store. They allow you to automate SEO optimization and become an SEO expert with little time and effort.

  1. Magento 2 Facebook Open Graph
    Open Graph
    one-time payment
  2. Magento 2 Twitter Cards
    Twitter Cards
    one-time payment
  3. Magento 2 Hreflang
    Hreflang Tags
    one-time payment
  4. PWA Add-On for Magento 2 Alternate Hreflang Tags
    PWA Add-On for Alternate Hrefl...
    one-time payment
  5. Magento 2 Rich Snippets Extension
    Rich Snippets
    one-time payment
  6. Magento 2 SEO Extension
    one-time payment
  7. Magento 2 HTML Sitemap Extension
    HTML Sitemap
    one-time payment
  8. Magento 2 SEO Suite Ultimate Extension
    SAVE 50%
    SEO Suite Ultimate
    Special Price $177.50 Regular Price $355.00
    one-time payment

What are Magento 2 SEO Modules?

SEO extensions for Magento 2 is a bundle of modules that cover the SEO needs of your store faster, easier, and more effectively. They help you configure hreflang tags, set up rich snippets, generate unique HTML sitemap, create attention-grabbing meta descriptions, and much more.

Why Do you Need Magento SEO Modules?

Getting relevant traffic and revenue without complicated configuration and settings is a dream of every online store owner. However, unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. A lot depends on search engine optimization and your store ranking now. 


These SEO extensions for Magento save you the time and money required to learn, practice, and master all of the best SEO principles and techniques. These modules offer comprehensive and easy-to-use options that enable anyone to set up and configure the SEO features of your store.

Magento SEO Modules Highlights

Cover basic SEO needs. To drive more attention to our pages in search results and encourage clicks you should cover meta titles, descriptions, keywords, and H1 tags on your website. These and many other features are provided by Magento 2 SEO module.


Provide better navigation and indexing. Website navigation and structure are among the first things search crawlers and customers pay attention to. Create an HTML sitemap page on your storefront to improve customer experience with HTML Sitemap for Magento.


Localize search results. Make all of your multi-language website pages appear and rank in search results with Magento 2 Hreflang Tags. Set up hreflang tags for every store page with no technical knowledge right from the admin panel.


Make your pages stand out in search. Structured data markup or rich snippets is what helps you to provide additional information for search engines and stand out in SERP. Generate more targeted traffic to your store with Magento 2 Rich Snippets.


Attract mode clicks from social media. While social media bursts with information, it is hard to stand out and attract attention to your store. But not with the Open Graph Tags module that helps you to add unique images, titles, and descriptions to your store pages on social media.