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Reviews about Magento 2 Auto Language Switcher Extension

  1. Easy to use and set up
    The module is extremely easy to use and configure. It does a great job of detecting and switching to the right store. I had a problem with varnish cache, but support helped me fix it. Recommend

    Review by Serhii Kuzmuk

    Posted on

  2. Store auto switch
    Great plugin but I noticed a slow redirect to another store view, just I need help to fix that but everything ok

    Magefan reply:

    Our Magento 2 Language Switcher extension automatically directs customers to the store view in their local language based on geolocation or browser language. The auto-switching (redirect) process is based on the Magento 2 store switcher algorithms. The default (manual) store switcher on Khaled's website works slowly and the general website performance is not fast, that is why auto-redirect is slow as well.

    Review by Khaled Janou

    Posted on

  3. Works smoothly
    I'm happy with this extension. Thank you for the fast reply to my questions.

    Review by Ivan Tiker

    Posted on

  4. Great module doing the job, even if multistore configuration could be improved
    The module is very easy to configure and to use.
    In a future release, I suggest that multistore configuration could allow to configure different behaviour for each store. I think i would be great if the default url for each language, could be configured for each store. The actual configuration is relative to Global or website.
    Thanks to the support. It is very nice to have answer and it is very helpful.
    I appreciate.

    Review by Stéphane JUILLOT

    Posted on

  5. Great support
    There were some issues with composer install, but they solved it quickly, the communication process with support was really smooth. Afterwards the module worked as expected

    Review by Miklos Juhasz

    Posted on

  6. Excellent service
    This extension really helped. Thank Magefan team for the support.
    Sincerely recommend it to everyone.

    Review by Adam Kain

    Posted on

  7. Thanks a lot!
    Thanks Magefan Team for this module and support! Works as we expected.

    Review by Jenny Morin

    Posted on

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