Magento 2 admin panel is the heart of your store without which it simply wouldn't function. And your Magento 2 admin panel and website logos together are the face of your brand. To build your brand awareness you need to make sure it is represented in as many ways as possible. So wouldn't it be a great idea to customize the Magento 2 admin logo?

Every Magento 2 store admin panel looks almost the same. Thus, in order to make your Magento 2 store admin unique, we offer you to use the Magento 2 Admin View extension. It helps you to customize your admin design and, most importantly, change the Main&Menu Admin Logos with no code editing.

Following steps to change Magento admin panel logo:

1. Navigate to Stores > Configuration > Magefan Extensions > Admin View > Logos.

2. Upload the Main Logo and Menu Logo, then Save Config. The image formats available for you are JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Magento 2 Change Admin Logos

Once you save the configuration you will see it appear on the Menu.

Magento 2 Change Admin Menu Logo

 Note: if you would like to change any of the logos, just check the Delete Image select box and press the Save Config button.

The Main Logo on the login page will change as well if you set the image for it.

Change Magento 2 Admin Panel webpconverted Logo

As you can see, Magento 2 Admin View extension really allows you to manage your admin logos easily, with no technical skills and hard code updating.

You can build your brand by adding new admin logos and then create unique admin customizing admin colors.