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Reviews about Magento 2 Command Line Interface Extension

  1. WebP Optimized Images-Command line Interface
    The best of the best Magento2 extensions
    It works fine, never get troubles to me.
    Thank you Magefan !!!

    Review by Panagiotis Mavropoulos

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  2. Nice
    it's a good extension. I reckon it'd be better if it supports more multi-level privileges. Thanks.

    Review by Pyi Win

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  3. Excellent Module!
    The module it's easy to use and practices when you don't get access by ssh

    Review by Jhon Salazar

    Posted on

  4. Very usefull produc. Thank you very much))
    Very useful product. Thank you very much))

    Review by Roman Stasula

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  5. Great tool and supererb support
    We are looking for a tool that can expose some commands to the user of AdminConsole. This CLI extension works great. We did have some issues to configure it at the beginning. But the support team provided a great help and now we are enjoying using it.

    Review by Ethan Lin

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  6. Most missing extension for M2
    For customers and developers the most missing extension for M2. Together with Magefan-Team (Ihor) we pushed that good idea to next level by adding few very good features like ACL to control "Basic-CLI-Commands" and "Advanced-CLI-Commands" to fire CLI-commands directly from a dropdown instead of typing these in every time. 5 of 5 stars from my point of view / code quality is also excellent.
    Magefan's reply:

    The features Milos mentions are available from CLI extension v2.1.0.

    Review by Milos codeDESIGN: because it matters.

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  7. Very useful ☺️
    It's easy to use

    Review by Drashti Vikani

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  8. Easy installation, easy use
    I downloaded this extension to use in cases where I don't have Putty for example when on a trip. It gives me the opportunity to install other composer extensions from the backend. Very useful.

    Review by Anonymous User

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  9. Excellent
    Good extensions to use with the admin area.

    Review by Anwar Hossain

    Posted on

  10. Crucial!
    It is very helpful and simplistically Crucial for any Magento site owner!

    Review by ali jam

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