Affiliate Program Overview

Welcome to Magefan Affiliate and Referral Program

Do you manage a blog about Magento 2 or have a website promoting Magento 2 extensions? Or maybe you are just passionate about Magento and love our products? The affiliate program is created for you to showcase and promote Magefan Magento 2 Extensions and benefit from it.



Main Benefits

Easy Profit
Constant Earning
Regular Payments
Limitless Opportunity

Easy Profit

The best thing about affiliate programs is the website whose affiliate program you’ve signed up for covers all. You don’t need to get involved with the order creation or support. All you need to do it to promote great Magento 2 extensions that you already love and make others love them too. 

Constant Earning

Content is as solid as a rock and once you write it down it will stand until you decide it is no longer needed. So, once you place the affiliate link or banner you won’t need to update it regularly or to generate new personal links after some time. Our affiliate program ensures you benefit on a regular basis, generating a link one single time.

Regular Payments

Placing affiliate links or banners on websites and Magento forums, driving more people to our website and correspondingly contributing to our conversion rate increase you make our affiliate program your source of profit. We ensure you will receive payments to your bank account regularly on the condition you have a minimum payout balance - 50$.

Limitless Opportunity

If you’re good at marketing or you’ve recently discovered a talent of persuasion and believe that you could make the most of our affiliate program we’re more than happy to encourage you. There are no limitations in the number of extensions you can promote or links you can place as long as you keep driving people’s attention to our Magento 2 Extensions.

What do you need to start?

All you need is passion about our Magento 2 extension and little promotional skills to make people follow your link and earn you profit.

Become a Part of our Affiliate Program in 3 Simple Steps

This program is right for you!

There is no definition of who can or can not use our affiliate program. It is for, bloggers, developers, marketers, reviewers, forum users and all of the other internet community members who are as passionate about the Magento as we are. Anyone who is good at writing, advertising, and encouraged to promote Magefan Solutions for Magento 2 stores is welcomed to become a part of this program.

Our Program

15% per order amount (Magento 2 Extensions Only) Pay-per-Sale
15% of order amount


50,00 USD - Minimum balance required for payout.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions

What does it cost to join Magefan affiliate program?

Joining our program is absolutely free!