Exclude Images from WebP Conversion [Shopware]

Although the Shopware WebP extension enables you to convert png, jpg, and gif files to webp format automatically, you might still need to exclude some images from WebP conversion. This extension enables you to remove entire folders or specific images from being converted to WebP. 

We'll show you both methods, so you can use the extension extensively. 

Exclude Image Folders from WebP Conversion

Shopware WebP extension has a separate option that allows you to exclude certain image folders from conversion. For that, you have to navigate to Extensions > My extensions and find WebP among the list of your extensions.

Click on Configure and find the Excluded Folders field in the General section. Here you have to specify the relative path to the image folders you don't want to convert to WebP.

Exclude Images from WebP Conversion Shopware

Don't forget to Save the changes once you finish. 

Exclude Specific Images from WebP Conversion

To exclude some specific images from WebP conversion you have to add the data-webpconverted="1" attribute to the image tag through code. 

e.g.  <img src="image.jpg" />     —>    <img src="image.jpg" data-webpconverted="1" />

Whatever the cause, you can exclude either the entire folder or a specific image from WebP conversion in Shopware with this handy WebP converter. But that's not it. You can also convert images to WebP in Shopware from external websites or images in CSS background, or HTML picture tags.