To install Shopware WebP Extension by Magefan, please use one of these installation methods.

Installation Method 1 - Installing via Composer (Recommended/Easier)

Please navigate to your Magefan Account > My Downloads > Install via Composer to get the composer installation instructions.

Installation Method 2 - Installing using an archive and FTP

  1. Download WebP Extension ZIP-Archive from website (not GitHub or other sources).
  2. Extract files.
  3. Copy the custom folder from the archive to your Shopware root folder web.
    Install Shopware WebP
  4. In a command line, using "cd", navigate to your Shopware root directory
  5. Run CLI commands:
composer require rosell-dk/webp-convert
bin/console plugin:refresh
bin/console plugin:install --activate MagefanWebP
bin/console cache:clear