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Shopware WebP Extension

WebP Converter is an extension that enables you to improve your website speed in a few clicks. This extension converts PNG, JPG, and GIF formats to WEBP automatically and allows you to control the size and quantity of the compressed images.  


No need to call out for developers when you can implement modern file format yourself with a handy Shopware WebP Extension.

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Shopware WebP Extension

Improve Website Loading Speed

If your pages take more than 3 seconds to load, chances are you’re losing your potential customers. Images are usually the reason for a delay since old PNG and JPG files are no longer small and convenient. The whole web shifts to WebP format since it is smaller in size and takes less time and resources to load. So why shouldn’t you? Shopware WebP Converter extension allows you to convert images to WebP format during the page load. You don’t have to do anything once you install and configure the module. We’ve got you covered.

Improve Speed Shopware
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Boost Your Store SEO

Website speed has a direct influence on your store's SEO. The faster the website, the more people come to it, and the more relevant and useful it appears to Google. Shopware speed optimization should be a part of your SEO strategy, and so does the WebP conversion. With our WebP Images Extension for Shopware, you’ll be one step ahead of your competitors who haven’t implemented WebP yet. Get better positions in SERP with improved website speed.

Convert Images to WebP Automatically

Regardless of the number of images you have on your website or plan on adding, the Shopaware WebP support extension converts them all automatically. All you need to do it to enable the extension and set the quantity score.

WebP Converter
Shopware WebP Converter

Reduce Image File Size by Up To 50%

The best part about this WebP Converter for Shopware is that it enables you to set the image quality score. The quality score defines how much the images will be compressed. The lower the quality score, the faster the images load. Use the preset 85% quality or reduce it up to 50% to maintain a preferred speed score.

Get Full Control Over the WebP Conversion

This tool allows you to have full control over your website image conversion. Tweak the settings until you reach your preferred quality and speed score. Set converted image metadata and exclude entire folders if you don’t want some images to be converted. This is the most feature-rich Shopware WebP support extension out there.

General WebP Extension Settings
WebP Converter Advanced Settings

Convert Images from External Websites

Optimizing images on your website is not always that simple, especially if you use images from external websites. Not if you use our WebP Extension for Shopware. Magefan offers you to convert all images from an external website and save them on your website. Make sure all of your images are optimized for better website speed, regardless of their origin.


WebP Support for Multiple Browsers

When you improve your Shopware store speed with WebP, you have to think about all customers. Not all of them use browsers that support WebP and will see broken images if you only use WebP format. Shopware Webp Extension not only converts png to webp but saves all of your original images. This way all website visitors will see WebP images while those from non-webp browsers can view the original images. We enable you to improve website loading speed and maintain the best experience for all customers.

Multi Browser Compatibility
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Quick Overview Video

Want to improve your website speed with WebP images but don't want to generate them manually? Shopware WebP Extension has you covered. Just install the extension and it is will convert your images to WebP automatically.

Check out this short video to learn how to test WebP images on your store.
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