How to Configure Blog Post List in Shopware?

Blog post list pages usually list blog posts grouped by some particular feature — same tag, same category, same time they were published within (archive). In Shopware Blog Extension, you also have this feature and can configure blog post lists.

To configure the post list in Shopware Blog:

1. Go to Extensions > My extensions, find Blog by Magefan and click Configure

Configure Shopware Blog extension

2. Find the Post List section. 

3. Specify Posts Per Page which defines how many posts will be displayed on category, tag and archive pages. If there are more posts than the specified number, pagination will be enabled.

4. Set the Default Short Content Length to specify the number of characters in the short description of the blog posts. 

5. Define Short Content End Сharacters that will appear if the number of short content characters breaks the sentence. 

Blog post list configuration on Shopware

Save the settings once you finish and check your posts list on the frontend. However, you'll still need to configure the post link on the blog homepage separately.