How to Manage Blog Comments in Shopware?

Comments are one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. Replying to blog comments not only builds trust but allows you to learn about the topics that interest your readers the most. Thus, it enables you to come up with new topics and be useful for your blog visitors. 

In the Shopware Blog Extension you can configure blog comments, choose how many of them to allow for a single blog post and approve them before publishing.

And today we'll tackle everything you need to know about blog comments in Shopware.

Configure Blog Comments in Shopware 

For people to leave comments under your blog posts, you need to enable and configure them first. 

To configure blog comments in Shopware:

1. Go to Extensions > My extensions, find Blog by Magefan and press Configure.

Configure Shopware Blog extension

2. Scroll down to the Comments section and choose Use Magefan Blog Comments in the Comments dropdown. 

3. Specify the Number of Comments and the Number of Replies for blog comments you want to enable per one blog post. 

4. Choose whether to Allow Guest Comments

Note: if guest comments are not enabled, people will be forced to log in to leave a comment. 

5. Choose whether to Display Privacy Policy Agreement (GDPR).

6. Select the New Comment Status which defines whether new comments will need your approval before being published. You can set Pending, Approved or Not Approved.

Blog comments configurations in Shopware

Don't forget to Save the configuration and start managing your blog comments. 

Manage Blog Comments in Shopware

Once you configure the comments and people can leave them under your posts, you need to learn how to manage them. 

To manage blog comments in Shopware: 

1. Go to Content > Blog Comments.

You will see the comments grid with all the data related to a comment: Author's Nickname, a Post it is left for, Status and Published/Modified dates.

Blog comments Shopware

2. Click on the three dots on the right, near the comment you'd like to modify and press Edit. On the comment editing page, you'll see almost the same information as on the grid. 

3. Change the Status, Publish Date and Text of the comment if you need. 

Shopware blog comments

Save a comment and go to a blog post it was left for to check how it is displayed (in case you've decided to approve it).

Blog comments in Shopware

Comments management couldn't have been simpler with this Shopware Blog Extension. You can check it on our live demo.