How to Configure Shopware Blog Homepage?

The Shopware Blog homepage or blog index page is the first page people land on after they click on the blog link in the top navigation menu. That's why, for people to stick around you need to make sure this page is engaging, easy to navigate and informative. 

In this guide, you'll learn how to configure a blog homepage in Shopware Blog extension

To configure blog homepage in Shopware: 

1. Navigate to Extensions > My extensions, find the Blog by Magefan among your extensions and click Configure

Configure Shopware Blog extension

2. Specify the Title of the blog homepage that will be displayed at the top.

3. Set the Display Mode to define what blog posts to display on the blog homepage.

4. Select the Posts Sort By method that defines how blog posts will be displayed on the blog index page. You can sort posts by Publish Date, Position or Title.

5. Select the Blog Index Templates

6. Define how many blog Posts to display per Page.

7. Configure blog homepage SEO and define Meta Title, Meta Keywords and Meta Description

Shopware blog index page configuration

Save the configurations and go to the storefront to check your blog homepage. 

Blog homepage Shopware

Once you finish configuring the homepage of your blog it's important that you set up the sidebar according to your needs. It helps to improve navigation through your blog and find relevant blog posts faster.