How to Create a Blog Tag on Shopware?

Blog tags are used to "label" or link similar blog posts together to simplify navigation through a blog. All blog posts can then be gathered on the same tag page and help readers find relevant content. 

With the Shopware Blog Extension, you can not only create blog tags but manage search robots for them as well. And today you'll learn how to do that.

To create a blog tag in Shopware:

1. Go to Content > Blog Tags and press the Add New Tag button. 

Shopware blog tags

2. Fill out the General blog tag information. 

  • Enable your tag and give it a Title that will be displayed on the frontend.
  • Create a tag description in the Content section. 

Blog tag general settings Shopware

3. Manage blog tag Display Settings.

  • Choose the Template for the blog tag page. 
  • Define how many Post Per Page to display.

Blog tag display settings

4. Fill out the Search Engine Optimization section. Enter the URL Key, Meta Title, Keywords and Description and set the meta Robots for the tag page to define how you want it to be indexed and crawled:


Shopware blog tag page SEO

Don't forget to Save your tag and then assign it to a blog post before you check it on the frontend.

However, a blog post or category page is not the only place where your tags will be visible. You also need to check the tag cloud configuration to define how your tags will be displayed in the sidebar.