How to Create a Blog Post in Shopware?

Blogging consistently creates a source of free organic traffic and a community of people who share your ideas. That's why blogging is one of the most popular, free marketing tools for eCommerce. So, if you aren't blogging on Shopware already, it's never late to start. And the first step is to install the Shopware Blog Extension

In this guide, in particular, you'll learn how easy it is to create a blog post on Shopware. 

To create a blog post on Shopware: 

1. Navigate to Content > Blog Posts and press the Add post button. 

Shopware blog posts

2. Fill out the General blog post information. 

Here you need to Enable your blog post, give it s Title, assign it to Categories and write blog Content

Blog post content Shopware

3. Enter the Short Content of the post that will be displayed on the blog homepage and other post lists.

Post short content Shopware

4. Fill out Display Settings.

Choose the blog Author and add some Tags related to your blog post. You can also define whether to Include this post in Recent Posts and set a Position for the blog post.

Blog post display settings in Shopware

Note: while the Include in Recent Posts option defines whether your blog post will appear in the sidebar and blog index page, Position defines whether your blog post will be displayed at the top, or bottom of the list (if the sorting setting is set to Position).

5. Upload the Featured Image and set an Alt for it.

Shopware blog post featured images

6. Fill out the Search Engine Optimization section with your post metadata. You can specify the URL Key, Meta Title, Keywords and Description.

Shopware blog post SEO

Don't forget to Save your post once you finish and go to the storefront to check it. You can also view the posts we've just created on our Shopware blog demo.

Shopware blog post on storefront

It wasn't hard, was it?

Managing a blog on Shopware is easy if you use the right tools. After you create and publish your blog post, all you need is to keep a dialogue with your readers in the comments.

Enjoy blogging on Shopware and start getting new traffic to your store!