How to Create a Blog Category on Shopware?

Blog categories help you to categorize your blog posts and make it easier for people to find the content they are interested in. Shopware Blog Extension enables you to create an unlimited number of categories and assign multiple blog posts to them. 

So, today, you'll create a blog category for your Shopware store.

To create a blog category in Shopware:

1. Navigate to Content > Blog Categories and press the Add New Category button.

Shopware blog category

2. Fill out the General blog category information.

  • Enable the category.
  • Give it a Title and Position.

Note: Position defines where to display a category in the category tree in sidebar. The higher the number, the lower the position.

  • Choose whether to Include a category in Menu. It defines if a category will be displayed in the top navigation.
  • Write the category description in the Content field.

Shopware Blog category general settings

3. Manage category Display Settings.

  • Choose how to Sort Posts By: Position, Title, and Publish Date (default).
  • Choose a Template.
  • Define how many Posts Per Page to display.

Blog category display settings Shopware

4. Fill out the Search Engine Optimization section. Enter the URL Key, Meta Title, Keywords and Description.

Shopware blog category SEO

Once you finish, don't forget to Save your category and go to check it on the storefront. The next step is to create blog posts and assign them to categories.