How to Create a Blog Author in Shopware?

Assigning authors to your blog adds credibility and establishes you as a niche expert. In Shopware, you can create multiple authors, so each can contribute content to your blog.

In the free version of the Shopware Blog Extension, the role of blog authors is performed by the admin user. So, to create a new author for your blog on Shopware, you simply need to create a new user. 

To create a blog author in Shopware:

1. Go to Settings > System > User & permissions and press the Create new user button.

New blog author shopware

2. Fills out the user's First and Last Names, and Email address

3. Upload a Profile Picture.

4. Give a User name and a Password that will be used to log in.

5. Enable the Administrator option if you want this blog author to be an administrator, though it is not recommended.

6. Select the User interface language and Timezone.

7. Enter the Job title and assign a Role

Create blog author in shopware

Once you Save a user, they will be able to log in to your Shopware admin panel and create blog posts.

However, you wouldn't want them to have access to all sections of the backend. So you need to configure the blog access control list and assign only blog resources to a particular user.