Shopware Blog Access Control List

Since blog posts go through multiple steps before being published, you'll probably need a few people to manage every step. However, instead of allowing each user to access all Shopware Blog sections, you can make only particular sections available to them. 

For that, you'll need to create a user role in Shopware and enable certain permissions for them. Not only is it is more secure, but more convenient as well. 

To enable access to Shopware Blog pages in the admin:

1. Go to System > Settings > Users & permissions and press the Create role button. 

Shopware user roles

2. Fill out the Basic information by giving this role a Name and Description.

Shopware user role

3. Move to Permissions > Content and tick blog sections you want to grant blog authors access to. 

Here you can choose whether a user can View, Edit, Create and Delete Blog Categories, Blog Comments, Blog Posts and Blog Tags.

Shopware blog permission

Don't forget to Save the role and proceed with creating blog authors and assign this role to them.