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Shopware Blog Extension

Shopware Blog is an extension that enables you to manage a blog on Shopware without relying on any third-party platform. Create unlimited blog posts, categories, and tags, manage blog SEO and add sidebar widgets to create engaging content.


Blogging on Shopware is easy and Magefan Blog for Shopware will prove it!

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Shopware Blog Extension

Manage a Professional Blog

Forget about complicated blog integrations and management. This Shopware Blog extension is the solution you’ve been looking for. You can create a professional blog with interesting content, vivid images, and easy navigation with no effort.

Simple backend configuration and engaging frontend is what this Blog plugin stands for. Creating a blog on Shopware has never been so effortless!

Shopware Blog Extension
Shopware blog SEO

Benefit from the Best SEO Practices

Shopware blog is there to help you to create a blog easier. But it isn’t just that. We’ve implemented the best SEO practices to make your blog stand out in search. Get full control over the blog sitemap, manage metadata and let the extension set canonical tags for you automatically. An SEO-optimized blog for Shopware. Could you ask for more?

- Blog XML sitemap
- Canonical tags
- Metadata configuration
- SEO-Friendly URLs
- Robots meta tags


Create Responsive Blog

The extensive set of SEO features that comes with this Blog Extension for Shopware allows you to get ranked. However, for great results, you have to make sure your blog is user-friendly as well.

This Shopware Blog module will make your content accessible from all devices due to its responsive design. Deliver exceptional experience regardless of the device people are coming from: desktop, tablet and mobile.

Responsive Blog Shopware
Manage Blog on Shopware

Create Unlimited Blog Posts, Categories and Tags

There is no limit to the number of posts, categories and tags you can create using this Shopware Blog Extension.

Create multiple posts, structure them into various categories, and add different tags to improve browsing through your blog. The easier it is to discover content on your blog, the longer people will stick around.

Improve Blog Navigation with Widgets

Blog sidebar widgets help your readers to find certain content faster. Enable categories tree to allow people to find category-specific content.

Add recent blog posts to keep the latest pieces visible. Configure the archive to show the development of your blog. And enable tags cloud to show the diversity of content gathered in your blog. The configuration of each won’t require more than a few clicks. But the effect on navigation will be immense.

Shopware Blog Sidebar
Shopware Blog Comments

Manage Blog Comments

To keep creating useful content for your readers you need to gather feedback and learn what they are interested in the most. The easiest way to do that is through comments which Shopware Blog Extension enables you to manage, edit, approve and disable.

Keep the dialogue with your most avid readers and create a community of followers that share your ideas.


Configure Shopware Blog Sitemap

Since a great piece of content is useless if it doesn’t get crawled and indexed, a sitemap is one of the most important blog SEO features. And you don’t need to be an SEO expert to configure it.

Simply choose whether to include blog posts, categories and blog index page to sitemap and how often to crawl it. Blog extension will do the rest.

Shopware Blog Sitemap
Share blog on social media

Improve Social Engagement

After you create engaging and informative blog posts and start getting traffic, you have to let people generate even more traffic for you. Our Shopware Blog extension goes with the preset number of social networks for sharing.

All you have to do is choose whether to enable it for your blog. Enable blog post sharing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms and boost your marketing efforts.

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