How to Log in to Customer Account from Shopify Admin?

Quality support is something not every eCommerce store can brag about these days. When customers have difficulties placing an order or preparing a shopping cart the last thing they want is to wait. 

Since sharing login data is not an option sales managers have to figure out a way to log in to customer accounts without it. To save your time and help you optimize your support service, we offer you to log into customer accounts in one click with the Shopify Login as Customer App.

It is a flexible solution that works for Shopify stores of any scope and allows you to log in to your customers' accounts in seconds, literally.

So, now let's see how it works. But make sure you install Shopify Login as Customer App.

Login to customer account with Shopify Plus

If you use Shopify Plus, there is the Multipass feature that allows you to maintain one database of users integrating them from external sources. However, in the case of the Login as Customer app, it is also a way to log in to a customer account without a customer password using multipass API.

1. Find the Login as Customer app in your store Shopify admin.

2. Find a customer whose account you'd like to log in to and click on it.

Shopify Cstomer List

3. Confirm you want to log in to a customer account. 

Log in as Customer in Shopify

Once you confirm the login you'll be redirected to the customer account on the storefront with no password or other login information required. 

Shopify Customer Account

Login to customer account without Shopify Plus

In case you don't have Multipass feature in your Shopify plan, logging into customers' accounts on Shopify will require additional actions.

You have to find a customer whose account you want to log in to and click on them. But to log in you will have to either request customer assistance or change the customer password and login

Log into customer account shopify

In the first case, you need to ask customers to Allow Assistance in their accounts. 

Require Support Assistance in Shopify

All that is required is that customers confirm they grant you access to their accounts. 

Shopify Allow Support Assistance

In the second case, you will change the customer's password and login. Then the customer will have to restore them via the forgot password link later. 

Magefan Login as Customer app not only saves a lot of time but allows you to personalize your support and assist customers faster. Therefore, the faster you process customers' requests the better their experience.